11 Most Reliable Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

No, whether you live in a metropolitan city or suburb, chilling and relaxing in the sun is something everyone enjoys. In this fast-paced world where you hardly get time to relax in parks and beaches, outdoor living spaces in your home are the best alternatives.

You only need some cool outdoor furniture to fill that space, and Deciding on which type of furniture can take a lot of work. Generally, people pick furniture that is durable and long-lasting, and when it comes to outdoor furniture, you should also consider your furniture to be eco-friendly as it helps maintain a great atmosphere.

Today’s world is moving towards eco-friendly materials by reducing plastic or paper usage or using electric vehicles to avoid fuel consumption. Switching to eco-friendly products isn’t only helpful for the environment and super durable and long-lasting. In that case, you should opt for furniture that’s lumber made of recycled plastic that is also known as HDPE lumber.

HDPE Outdoor Furniture is not only durable and weather resistant but is also great for its affordable prices.

Most people need to become more familiar with recycled plastic furniture and might think that furniture would be ugly just made of garbage plastic. In that case, you should read this blog; here, we cover the 11 best recycled plastic outdoor furniture manufacturers that create the most iconic outdoor furniture made of recycled plastic.

1.Marmax Recycled Products

This company in the list is the reigning king of the recycled plastic furniture industry. They are pioneers in converting rubbish plastic into high-quality furniture. Marmax Products started this business in 1998 by manufacturing picnic benches from 100% recycled plastic. They evolved into a giant manufacturer that produces almost everything you see outside, including theme park benches, play equipment, street furniture, boardwalk, and picnic benches. The best thing is that Marmax gives the longest warranty for its products; they say their products don’t splinter or corrode for at least 25 years.

From sloper companion sets to planters, dining sets, tables, and chairs, you can trust this brand for everything you need for your outdoor area.


POLYWOOD is the pioneer of using recycled plastic for outdoor furniture; they started their manufacturing in the nineties and, since then, delivered high-quality poly lumber furniture to their satisfied customers. POLYWOOD produces furniture that withstands all four seasons, from hot sunny days to snowy mornings; the color-stay technology of this manufacturer keeps the lumber as good as new.

The furniture these guys produce is water-resistant, stain-resistant, and corrosive substance-resistant and also comes with a 20-year warranty. Who offers such a warranty and claims that their lumber doesn’t peel, crack, or chip?

If you want to opt for the most reliable and reputable brand in the HDPE furniture business, then POLYWOOD is the brand you should blindly trust. From poolside chairs, Adirondack chairs, and rocking chairs to benches and swings, their huge and stylish range has everything you will go gaga for your outer space.


Highwood is a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer known as the powerhouse of this outdoor furniture business. They have a huge high-quality variety of lawn & garden, pool& spa, dining, Adirondack, and Lehigh outdoor furniture. They are considered the giant manufacturer for all the right reasons, as they have three more labels that deal in HDPE products: Sequoia Professional, Elk Outdoors, and Everwood DIY.

What makes this brand stand out from its contemporaries is the type of lumber they use; it mimics real wood in the most satisfying way possible. So if you love wood and want that classic touch in your outdoor furniture, Highwood’s outdoor poly furniture must be your go-to place.

Highwood is also famous for its unique range of accessories made of recycled plastic, like rustic mail posts, lampposts, traditional fan trellis, and much more.

4.Poly Furniture Supply

Poly Furniture Supply is a Chinese company based in Ningbo city of China. This brand has been in the furniture manufacturing and trading business for more than a decade. After seeing the rapid growth of the poly outdoor furniture industry this company started its HDPE outdoor furniture production in 2019. They manufacture poly outdoor furniture that can survive all weathers, from icy winters to scorching summers. The brand claims that its products will never split, splinter, or crack in any condition. All their styles and designs are water, air, mold, mildew, and sun-resistant, so you can keep them out in any season without fear of them getting ruined. Poly Furniture Supply aims to quickly and efficiently deliver the highest-quality poly lumber furniture to its customers and that also in the most affordable price range. Although this company is new in the outdoor poly furniture business they are so reliable and reputable that they supply their products to renowned retailers around the globe like Ashley, HomeGoods, King Yes, and PolyTeak.


DUROGreen is a couple of steps ahead of its competitors as they use certified HDPE lumber that follows all the green guidelines and has proper certification from the Fair Trade Commission. Hence, if you are an environmentalist or green lifestyle enthusiast, DUROGreen is the outdoor furniture brand you want, as its products are made with 95% recycled material.

DUROGreen’s highly skilled designers are famous for crafting milk jugs, juice containers, and detergents packed into beautiful and unique rockets, dining sets, tables, and Adirondacks.

Their products can face the harshest climates; they are pretty strong to face almost everything. Be it storms, hail, or even flood, so if you want something sustainable, sturdy, and stylish, you must pick DUROGreen for poly lumber furniture.

6.Trex OutDoor Furniture By POLYWOOD

Trex is a brand that deals in HDPE lumber furniture constructed by POLYWOOD. The exclusivity of this brand is that they sell a wide range of styles at comparatively cheaper rates than POLYWOOD.

Besides poly furniture, Trex also provides a few extra services like a useful Deck Furniture Planner. This professional planner shows you products from the catalog according to your budget, outdoor space, preferred style, and likings.

Trex is making some extra effort for the environment by collaborating with Trees for the Future. They plant a tree on every sale; if you buy a single piece from them, they will plant a single tree, or if you do bulk buying, then you will see them planting trees as many pieces you bought. Isn’t this revolutionary?


Breezesta is one of the leading manufacturers of poly lumber furniture. Established in 1999, this brand has gained immense popularity for crafting sustainable and stylish outdoor furniture. All of the products at Breezesta are environmentally friendly, weather-resistant, wind-resistant, durable, low maintenance, and made with sun-guard technology that gives a 3-year fade warranty. Breezesta is known for innovative, stylish, and eco-friendly products that transform your outer space into a heavenly abode. Hence, if you are looking for a poly furniture manufacturer that creates premium, eco-friendly outdoor furniture, there is no one like Breezesta in this industry.

8.Loll Designs

Loll designs is also a reputable outdoor furniture manufacturer based in Duluth that makes its products using recycled plastic material. The primary source of this company’s recycled material is milk jug containers; all of their furniture is famous for its longevity, low maintenance, durability, and contemporary styles.

Apart from Adirondack chairs, dining sets, and swings, Loll is pretty expert in making skateboard parks. But they sold their skate park production company called TrueRide, and now the company is properly focusing on manufacturing sustainable HDPE lumber furniture.

9.Seaside Casual

Seaside Casual is a traditional manufacturer that started as a small business more than two decades ago. This brand initiated this business to provide quality and durable furniture to survive the salty seaside winds of the New England vicinity. Seaside Casual uses Envirowood for their manufacturing which is HDPE lumber with U.V. protection pigment that helps the poly patio furniture survive longer in outdoor condition.

So if you are into coastal regions and want comfy, traditional, and elegant outdoor furniture to maintain your aesthetics, then Seaside Casual is a perfect choice. Their impressive collection is an aesthetic amalgamation of traditional designs and modern materials. From HDPE planters, chairs, and swings to benches, cushions, and pillows, Seaside Casual’s catalog is full of unique styles and products.

Seaside Casual is a renowned Patio furniture supplier that supplies its products to their retailers nationwide. They have a big showroom in Las Vegas where they display their popular collection in a lifestyle setting so that retailers, contract customers, and designers can check their exclusive styles and superior craftsmanship.

10.Berlin Gardens

Suppose you are looking for a huge variety of poly furniture for your outdoor space. In that case, everyone can only compete with the exclusivity and uniqueness Berlin Gardens provides to its customers. Berlin Gardens is a company known for creating innovative designs by mixing advanced machinery with traditional methods. The styles in their catalog are all made of the highest quality HDPE lumber that can endure the worst weather.

Besides the common outdoor furniture, their impressive collection includes picnic tables, buffet tables, patio bars and backyard structures, gazebos, and pavilions for those with bigger outer space to decorate.

11.Ledge Lounger

People who want to add class and uniqueness to their outdoor space should pick Ledge Lounger for their outdoor furniture. Ledge Lounger uses the highest quality HDPE lumber to create remarkable furniture in several designs and colors. The supreme quality of HDPE makes the furniture long-lasting under all climates; their products are also stain-resistant, sun-resistant, oil spills, chemical, and water-proof.

Besides crafting some remarkable poly furniture, Ledge Lounger also creates other outdoor products like beautiful sets for patio and poolside furniture sets.


What is HDPE Lumber?

HDPE is High-Density Polyethylene plastic commonly used in pet bottles and containers for milk and other household products. HDPE plastic lumber is a widespread construction material made from these plastic products. The main sources of HDPE lumber are laundry detergent bottles, milk jugs, and shampoo containers. HDPE lumber is a high-performing and eco-friendly material used to produce furniture, decks, patios, boardwalks, and countless other products. HDPE lumber is famous for its durability, weather resistance, and longevity, making the earth less polluted.

Is Poly Furniture the Same as HDPE Furniture?

HDPE lumber and poly furniture are the same things; poly is the short term used for High-Density Polyethylene. HDPE plastic is heated to convert into poly lumber, then used to manufacture long-lasting outdoor furniture. HDPE furniture is also commonly known as poly wood furniture because it closely mimics the look of real wood. The thing that makes poly furniture better than wooden furniture is its durability and resistance, which makes it rigid under extremely high and low temperatures.

Does HDPE Outdoor Furniture last longer?

No investment is better than investing in HDPE lumber for outdoor furniture because it lasts longer than wood and metal. Wood and metal have drawbacks when kept outside since both materials deteriorate in extreme weather conditions. At the same time, poly wood furniture is known for its durability and withstanding qualities in extreme climates. High-quality HDPE lumber products are normally weather-resistant, neither splinter, chip, nor crack in any condition.


In summary, with the evolution of recycled plastic material, we can now decorate our outer space with classy and elegant outdoor furniture without worrying about aesthetics and longevity. HDPE lumber isn’t only durable and eco-friendly but can be a lot lighter in your pocket. The best part about this material is that if you ever want to discard it, you can always return it to its manufacturer to recycle it again and again. All the manufacturers mentioned above have a wide range of styles and high-quality designs that can help you get all the information you require regarding traditional and modern HDPE poly furniture. These brands are affordable and super comfortable. The unique features and benefits of recycled plastic furniture are unmatchable, and the feel is amazing. So, what are you waiting for? It’s the right time to purchase your outer space.

We hope this article has cleared all your reservations about recycled plastic material and can help you swiftly switch to HDPE outdoor furniture to deck your patio or courtyard.

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