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12 Outdoor Living Trends You Can't Miss For 2022

Considering development to improve shelter for thousands of years, it seems crazy that we now want to live outside. Yes, outdoor living is no longer a trend but a burning desire or established reality among most people globally.

A 2021 trend report confirmed that 90% of Americans agree that outdoor living space is more valuable now than ever. Additionally, it shows that 78% of the respondents improved their outdoor spaces to make them more habitable during the pandemic.

Scientific research has proven that spending time outside in nature has numerous body and mental health benefits. So those not taking advantage of being out of quarantine are getting closer to nature to improve their mood.

With the increase in popularity comes the emergence of trends that enhance outdoor living for various people. Since 2020, outdoor living has seen some interesting trends that have made life more comfortable and luxurious.

And to keep you well informed, we have compiled a list of 12 outdoor living trends for 2022. So before you invest in outdoor items to aid end consumers, first learn what they want.

2022 Top Outdoor Living Trends

1. Sustainability is Here to Stay

It seems that sustainability is never too far away from any topic. People have discovered the importance of getting sustainable products and adopting sustainable practices as their contribution to protecting the earth.

End consumers customizing outdoor spaces are doing this through upcycling and working with companies that have proven their dedication to sustainable processes. Upcycling often involves taking old furniture and decor items from the interior, giving them a new face or paint job then placing them outside.

More end consumers also purchase recycled materials for decor and furniture. The most prevalent and rewarding form of this is recycled plastic furniture. End consumers have gotten into HDPE furniture for its sustainability.

Huge brands like POLYWOOD make high-quality and durable furniture from recycled plastic, making them a sustainable choice. Additionally, the furniture is recyclable, further elevating its favor in consumers’ eyes.

2. Boho Vibes

The bohemian vibes never fall out of style, and consumers refuse to miss a beat when the opportunity to incorporate shows up. Residential and commercial spaces are particularly taking up this trend in decorating.

Cushions, throws, rugs, and other accessories proudly dawn the boho aesthetic. People are turning to this style perhaps because of the opportunity to be colorful and creative. The vibrancy of this style effortlessly blends into the outdoor setting proving colors were made for the sun.

Additionally, it creates an exotic and ethnic aesthetic that perfectly blends with wood, rattan, and plastic furniture. End consumers are also keeping it classic by opting out of furniture and instead going for floor cushions.

String lights and lanterns are a favorite to set the boho mood, together with natural potted plants in elevated areas. Be it a garden, deck, or patio; the boho vibes remain untamed and effortlessly functional.


3. Natural and Relaxed Colors

Now more than ever, people want outdoor spaces that are natural and relaxed. Sure the accessories may be bright, but every other thing maintains a natural tone.

One of the primary reasons experts believe people want more natural tones is for relaxation. Light browns like beige, cream, and cashmere make dramatic appearances. They are easy on the eyes, rarely stealing attention and encouraging relaxation.

Another reason natural colors appear is their ability to blend seamlessly into any setting. Subtle greens, grays, and browns fit well into patios, decks, and gardening settings. They offer just the right amount of color for a relaxing aesthetic.

Another less likely but advantageous reason people are going for these colors is their inability to stain or retain dirt. They are just the right shade for consumers not to worry when a wet leaf goes unnoticed on a cushion for a while. Consumers want easy maintenance, and these colors make it easier.

4. Edible and Decorative Plants

Consumers in urban areas have found creative ways to be around nature. Not every compound has trees, a natural green lawn, or flowers growing in the yard. Some barely have green, and that is where potted plants come along.

Consumers are decorating their outdoor spaces with various potted or window box plants to give the space a natural vibe, from flowers to shrubs; there is no going wrong.

One interesting application is edible plants. As you will learn below, outdoor kitchens are huge this year, and there is no better way to complement them than with edible and fragrant plants that also aid cooking.

Herbs and spices in small to medium pots and window boxes grow near outdoor kitchens and other settings. Consumers can pick fresh mint to complement their mojitos when hosting. Or do a dry rub roast with spices fresh from the pots.

5. Straight Up Vertical Gardening

It is unclear whether this trend started as a way for people to gain more privacy or to do something different, but it is here to stay. It is a creative way to decorate the space.

The vertical garden is a creative solution that makes chain-link fences more private. They also add some green to the environment. Small spaces such as balconies, especially in apartment buildings, benefit from this type of gardening.

They add vibrance and make the space look bigger. Additionally, plants contribute to fresh air; like we have said, being closer to nature can improve your mental health. A complete, partial, or patched wall option depends on likes and aesthetic appeal. And artificial plants come to the rescue for consumers who have trouble taking care of plants or draining the water.

6. Garden Design: Covered terrace

A covered terrace is a great way for consumers to enjoy their gardens and outdoor spaces for longer. The weather can be a bummer, and you would have to give up your terrace during rain or snow. But you can enjoy it more if it is covered well.

This garden design ensures you enjoy your space comfortably. And covering the terrace is just the first step, as outdoor lighting is a huge part of creating an inviting, warm, and cozy aesthetic. So people hang string lights and other warm solutions to complete the look.

Some have also incorporated natural or artificial greenery into the roof to improve the natural aesthetic. Wood is the most natural choice, but metal and plastic have proven effective and can hold their own against the weather.

7. Outdoor Living Rooms

Outdoor living rooms are another trend we will see more of this year. Because of the need to be comfortable, people are putting more effort into their outdoor living rooms. Some go as far as creating practical rooms complete with furniture, entertainment, and decorative items.

It is as easy as mirroring the interior into the dedicated space. Some opt for entirely different styles outside, such as floor cushions instead of furniture, plastic over wood, and colorful accessories over minimalism.

Whichever the choice, comfort is the crucial goal. That is why furniture items like Adirondack chairs make multiple appearances. Similarly, throw pillows and cushions must be thick and the throws warm.

outdoor living room

8. Outdoor Patio Furniture

If you think people are taking standard furniture and putting it outside, think again because it is all about weather resistance and complementary aesthetics. Outdoor furniture has been in the market for a long time but is now receiving significant recognition.

The likes of rattan, poly lumber, and decorative wood are all great options for outdoor patios. And the designs are more decorative, functional, and accommodating. For instance, egg chairs and daybeds are becoming increasingly popular.

Adirondack chairs are a must-have, paired with sensible side tables and stools. Lounge chairs come in plenty of designs, and people with pools by the patio are adopting sun seats for sunbathing. There is no shortage of creativity when it comes to outdoor patio furniture.

outdoor patio furnitrure

9. Outdoor Kitchens

Everyone this summer seemed to have a lovely outdoor kitchen connected to the deck for hosting friends and family for a barbecue. The outdoor kitchen has proven practical and functional—more time spent outside and the bellies full.

These kitchens are characterized by sensible tables, counter space, barstools, and rolling storage carts. Flexibility comes in handy to save on space, so more people are looking for carts with storage space that can also serve as side tables.

Warm appetizing colors such as orange and yellow set the tone for such spaces, and furniture with cupholders is always a great option. Most of all, people buy tables with fire sources to provide guests with a more interactive experience. Also, there is a rise in the purchase of good equipment to assist with grilling and cooking.

outdoor kitchen

10. Privacy, Please

With people expanding their outdoor living spaces, the need for privacy grows. After all, most of these spaces are in residential areas. Landscape features are becoming more noticeable to create privacy within the compound. Think tall trees and garden and water features that make a sort of oasis spot for free longing away from prying eyes.

People are adding flowers and vegetation to fences. They enclose the area for privacy while keeping things vibrant and inviting. Higher and more enclosed fences are also rising, with high-quality pool fences and cages.

End consumers want to be more in touch with nature but still expect their homes to offer the privacy of being inside.

11. Work From Home Spaces

Working from home initially started as a directive from authorities. It was a way for people to practice social distancing, limiting the spread of the virus. And because of its necessity, working from home soon became a possibility and is now a reality for many end consumers.

Many companies shut their offices once they realized how effective and practical working from home was. And those with personal businesses moved them online. Thus, the outdoor working space was born.

People still needed a designated working space that would boost productivity. And since we were stuck inside for so long, outdoor spaces became the new workplaces. They are popular, functional, and well-designed to meet the needs of the working space.

Ergonomic chairs, portable desks, comfortable seating, excellent views, and a serene environment are the main characteristics of this space.

12. Outdoor Technology integration

And finally, there can be no outdoor living without technology to make things more habitable. A good example is WI-FI boosters to keep the internet strong. Boosters are essential for outdoor offices. Extensions also come in handy to keep devices charged or powered up.

LED lighting is also essential to light up terraces and sheltered outdoor spaces. Some go for string lights; others go for elaborate light arrangements. Heat lamps are a must-have to extend the outdoor lounging without getting cold. Consumers are not afraid to make these outdoor spaces more habitable.

Final Thought

Furniture producers will have a promising 2022 and more years to come. The outdoor living trend is predicted to continue post-pandemic for a long time. This means great market projections for outdoor furniture. It is an opportunity for furniture business owners to establish themselves as trusted and reliable brand.

Poly furniture is the ideal choice. This plastic or HDPE material has proven to check multiple points that 2022 users are incorporating. Sustainability is a big thing; this type of furniture is sustainable and recyclable.

Additionally, it is available in multiple colors giving end consumers the option of customizing it to their liking. Poly furniture can do everything, whether it is natural tones or a bohemian vibe. The availability of colors also makes them ideal for multiple settings.

This material also produces high-quality, durable furniture that can withstand the effects of the weather. But retailers must partner with good furniture makers to provide this quality and reliability to end consumers.

We are a furniture-making factory specializing in HDPE furniture. We welcome furniture business owners to partner with us for a seamless supply chain characterized by affordable prices, high-quality productions, and transparency.

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