20 Most Stylish and Durable Recycled Plastic Outdoor Products for 2023

There are very few fortunate people who live in a climate season that allows them to enjoy their outdoor space year–round. However, most of us celebrate the summer season on our patio, decks, courtyard, or even poolside. Longer, warmer days call for a longer relaxing time on your patio or deck; from hosting impromptu dinners to just chilling with lemonade, there is a lot you can do in the yard.

Your outdoor area is best enjoyed when you have exquisite and classy outside furniture that never gets damaged and wrecked in harsh climate conditions. Recycled plastic furniture can be a great addition to turning your yard into your dream outdoor oasis, as it’s sustainable and tremendously durable.

HDPE outdoor furniture is also known as poly furniture; it has gained a huge recognition for its longevity, value for money, and elegant designs. Poly lumber furniture is famous for many reasons, the common being its extremely easy maintenance. From Adirondack chairs to beautiful swings, there are many outdoor poly furniture pieces in the market that you would love to add to your backyard. From the rapid growth of recycled plastic outdoor furniture manufacturers, the industry has an endless array of outdoor furniture.

Here is the list of 20 best recycled plastic outdoor furniture pieces that will enhance your outer space’s ambiance.

1.Adirondack Bar Stools

An Adirondack chair is certainly the perfect outdoor chair you would need for any outdoor arrangement. These faux-wood Adirondack bar stools are specially designed for comfort and relaxation. That’s why you would see these stools in many outdoor arrangements. These stools come in many attractive colors that don’t fade in any season. These pieces are the classic pick for all outdoor bars. This Adirondack bat chair is weather-resistant and resistant to chipping, rotting, and cracking.

2.HDPE Lumber Lounge Chair

Most of the outer entertaining areas have a couple of lounge chairs. From funky yellow and ultramarine blue to Whitewash, this chair is available in the market in many coastal-chic hues. These chairs are designed with armrests and a curved seat that adds extra comfort. The lounge chair is the essential outdoor poly patio furniture. If you want to bring liveliness and comfort to your poolside, deck, or patio, a lounge chair is the best choice.

3.Recycled Plastic stackable Chaise Lounges

Stackable chaise lounges are great for relaxing on your patio and deck. It’s an impressive addition to enhance your outdoor décor, and super durable that can survive different climate ranges. These lounges are made of high-quality lumber and have stackable functioning that helps you store quickly. If this doesn’t appeal to you, its warranty will make you buy this product; these chaise lounges come in three-year commercial and 20-year residential warranties.

4.Pizza Oven Cart

A pizza oven cart is a showstopper at all outdoor parties. The cart made of recycled plastic can withstand all weather, be it rain, sun, mold, or wind. And the best thing about HDPE furniture pieces is that they are also fade-resistant. A pizza oven cart is made of many landfills and ocean-bound plastic containers that were heated to transform into high-quality HDPE lumber to produce this piece.

5.Adirondack Coffee Table

Adirondack tables are a perfect piece to pair with an Adirondack chair. This set creates an ideal outdoor space. These tables are constructed with UV protection, which makes them durable and long-lasting. Suppose you want a classic wood touch to your outdoor space; in that case, lumber furniture is the right material to invest in, as it gives you the most realistic wooden appearance without any headache for maintenance. Also, unlike wooden furniture, poly patio furniture never splinters, rots, or fades out in any circumstances.

6.Lakeside Dining Table Set

One lakeside dining table is a must-have at any outdoor setup as it helps serve the delicacies properly. This set comprises two lakeside armchairs, four lakeside dining chairs, and one dining table. Dining sets are the most valuable piece of furniture as they serve the main purpose of life. These dining sets are available in various color combinations that perfectly give a classic and modern touch to your outdoor ambiance. Poly patio furniture would appeal to you the most when you invest in your outdoor area, as these products come with life-long warranties of 20 years for residential usage.

7.Porch Swing

Swings are the best way to chill and enjoy the sweet breeze of summer, spring, and even fall. However, swings are known for bringing chic and bold style to your décor. It also doesn’t stay behind in terms of durability and comfort. This porch swing is made of high-grade poly lumber to make it look like real wood. It also comes with a freestyle zinc-plated chain, so one can easily hang this beautiful piece on a sturdy structure. A 12-year warranty backs this product, and stainless-steel hardware is also used to assemble this elegant recycled plastic product.

8.Table Patio Umbrella

Those who want to add coastal vibe furniture to their outdoor setup to give an impression of the mini vacation must add this recycled plastic patio umbrella to their outer space. The table patio Umbrellas have become indispensable equipment for any outdoor setup since they provide shade from the scorching heat of summer. A vibrant and elegant umbrella provides shade and helps you freely enjoy the summer with cool shade. A table umbrella can easily stand in the hole of a poly patio table; you can easily place it on your balcony, backyard patio, and almost everywhere.

9.HDPE Lumber Garden Bench

Any outdoor space with plants and gardens is complete with a garden bench. These benches are undoubtedly the most beautiful and functional in your outer landscape as they most appropriately connect us with nature. These garden benches made of recycled plastic are designed to be left outside year-round, without any fear of it getting rotten by harsh weather conditions. Available in both classical and modern designs, these benches enhance the look of your garden by giving it a timeless appearance. It has many color options to match it with your patio or deck décor easily. The best thing about these high-grade HDPE lumber products is their excellent warranties and return policies.

10.Folding Adirondack Side Tables

Folding Adirondack side tables are another popular alternative for outdoor setup decoration. The most satisfying thing about recycled plastic outdoor pieces is that they are extremely reliable and all-weather resistant, rot-resistant, and UV-resistant. These timeless designs are made to last long; they also come with stainless-steel hardware, making them extremely portable and easy to assemble.

11.Three-piece Outdoor Rocking Chair Set

A rocking chair set can be a great charmer if you want to add a rustic vibe to your patio or porch. This three-piece rocking chair set comprises two chairs and a table. These sets are available in a wide range of colors, but a contrast of white and gray is my favorite as it gives a coastal-chic vibe to your outer space, and the gentle motion of the chair gives you a nautical feel. The material of this eco-friendly plastic rocking chair set is extremely durable since it’s UV ray, mildew, stains, and fade-resistant. Hence, if you want to enjoy the feel of a beachside, then this furniture piece is all you need in your backyard.

12.Recycled Plastic Reversible Outdoor Rug

Timeless and stylish rugs add comfort and class to your outdoor space, but keeping one normal rug outside can be disastrous as it will catch all the dirt and stains and get rotten by pests. However, purchasing a rug made with recycled plastic can be comforting and equally attractive. These rugs are easily foldable and have a double weave, so they don’t tear or scratch your patio. These rugs are so vibrant and captivating that you would want to add these to your indoor décor.

13.Deck Storage Box

The storage box is also an important part of outdoor furniture, as it cleans up your outer space. These storage deck boxes are the finest way to clean and tidy. The deck storage box is a heavy-duty box made of 95% recycled plastic, making it environmentally friendly. It’s a big spacious box that can keep up to 30 gallons of space for pillows, candles, blankets, and other accessories. This box has built-in handles that make it easily moveable and a lock for extra security.

14.Arcadia Square Planter

Everyone wants to be surrounded by nature, but not everyone’s backyard or patio is filled with lush greenery, so for such people, arcadia square planters come to the rescue to add a natural theme to your outdoor ambiance. These planters are made of recycled plastic, wood dust, and stone powder to look natural yet modern. These are attention-grabbing 28 inches-tall planters, available in five unique colors from taupe to terra cotta. The best thing about the arcadia planter is it doesn’t contain a drainage hole that spoils your patio or deck, so you can place it anywhere you want without worrying.

15.Cozy Four-piece Sectional Sofa

If you want to relax outside with friends, nothing beats the coziness four-piece sectional sofa provides. These sofas are the perfect choice for any outdoor setup and can be fixed anywhere, be it porches, yards, patios, gardens, or even indoors. The frame of this sofa is made of HDPE lumber; it also includes a corner seat, a right and left seat, and an armless seat which gives visitors a versatile look.

16.White Poly Picnic Table

Picnics are loved, but the only disgusting thing about them is grass stains and ants. Well, not anymore. This outdoor furniture piece is the best solution for your picnic problem; include this white table in your picnic accessories next time you plan. Made of HDPE poly wood, this picnic table is a sustainable and portable option for your outdoor entertainment.


17.Outdoor Ottomans

Ottomans are a spectacular addition to any outdoor landscape as they can be used as multifunctional outdoor furniture; they can be paired well with your sofa set or outdoor chair and can sometimes be used as a soothing footrest. These outdoor ottomans are crafted with high-grade and fade-resistant poly lumber to make them appear like real wood, and they are super easy to clean.

18.Poly Sun Lounger with Canopy

This outdoor furniture piece is a perfect blend of style and functionality; it’s an ideal choice for relaxing in your leisure time on your poolside, patio, or balcony. The best thing about this poly sun lounger is it comes with a foldable canopy, so you can easily enjoy the sunbath without worrying about the glare.

19.Rollback Glider Chair

If you are looking for a glider chair suitable for two and only occupies a small place, this rollback glider is ideal. This glider chair made of poly lumber is the perfect settee for two persons; it comes with a convenient drink holder in the middle so you can enjoy the weather with smooth gliding motion and drinks. The best thing about this glider is it’s UV-coated and also resistant to splintering, warping, and moisture, so you can easily place it anywhere you want in your backyard, patio, or garden.

20.Round Garden Dining Set

Round dining comprises four chairs, and a table is the garden classic; this set turns your garden into a luxurious resort. This set is made of poly lumber to give it a classic wood appearance; this product is maintenance; you would never need anything more than a duster to wipe the dust. A round dining set is certainly the most running outdoor furniture item because every family needs something like this to enjoy leisure time together.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, recycled plastic furniture has become the most convenient, affordable, and sustainable alternative to metal and wood. All the above products are extremely easy to maintain, weather-resistant, and pest-resistant. Your outdoor landscape needs products like these that don’t crack, splinter, peel or rot outside, so investing in recycled plastic furniture pieces can certainly be an investment that would last for ages. If you want to buy new products to revamp your outdoor area, these eco-friendly and high-quality recycled products are all you need. And the best part is all the patio furniture suppliers take back the old products and repurpose and redesign them into new chic outdoor furniture.

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