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2022 Outdoor Office Furniture Trends

While many companies asked their employees to work from home, others took a page out of the likes of Microsoft and took advantage of outdoor spaces. Outdoor offices became a thing among many employees and self-employed people.

Working outside came with multiple benefits starting with compliance with social distancing rules. It also came with a lot of fresh air, which was important during the pandemic.

Similarly, people noticed better productivity working outside thanks to natural light and fresh air. Feeling confined and trapped can sometimes affect your productivity, so working from outside was a blessing for many.

And while the effects of the pandemic are slowly fading, people have opted to keep their outdoor workspaces for multiple reasons. On top of increased productivity, people are enjoying energy efficiency since natural light replaces the need for artificial lighting.

Similarly, several studies show that working outside has multiple cognitive impacts for the better. Workers can have improved memory and a positive attitude since they will be happier and less stressed.

Therefore, it is safe to say that outdoor working spaces are no longer an experiment. Instead, they are a trend we will be seeing more of in the coming years. This might even be a permanent thing as companies use their outdoor spaces to accommodate employees and encourage them to come to work.


Increasing Function and Use of Outdoor Spaces in Commercial Workplaces

Commercial workspaces are not left out as more companies take to outdoor working setups. Companies with outdoor spaces like balconies, open fields, rooftop spaces, patios, and even rarely-used garages and parking spaces can find ways to set up working spaces for their employees. Managers need to focus on the following during the transition:

  • Wireless technology

Invest in strong Wi-Fi signals to eliminate cabled internet, wireless projectors, wireless screens, and the general support of laptops and other technology your employees need to work from the designated space.

  • Good ergonomic furniture

Ensure that you provide ergonomic furniture that can also withstand the test of time plus the elements. Look into all-weather furniture that will not fade or damage with exposure to the elements.

  • Multi-purpose items

Similarly, ensure that the furniture is versatile. It should be able to accommodate individuals working separately then multiple employees for a group discussion or meeting. Find furniture pieces that work for every scenario.

  • Sound control

You should soundproof the exterior offices to give employees a better chance of concentrating. Live plants are natural dampeners, or you could get speakers to mask the street noise while creating an ambiance for working.

  • Adequate weather protection

Ensure that the outdoor working space is adequately protected from the elements. Create a good shade using umbrellas, popup awnings, and canopies. It will protect the tech while reducing high temperatures, rain exposure, and sun glare.

  • Connecting to those working inside

Lastly, you can replace the walls with glass to connect interior and exterior employees. Additionally, incorporate multiple entries and exits.


Move Your Home Office Outside

If you work from home, you should also take advantage of working from outside. Being confined to four walls can limit your creativity. Plus, you probably have a lot of outdoor space you never use. An exterior office is a perfect way to take advantage of the outside while boosting productivity. This transition will call for:

  • Versatile outdoor furniture

Working outside at home gives you the freedom to get good, versatile, and comfy furniture. Therefore, do not limit yourself to the traditional desk and chair. Get an egg chair, a swivel seat, a side table, or even a standing desk. Ensure that the pieces can withstand the weather and transform into ideal seating for guests if you need to entertain.

  • Find a good extension cable

Like many others, you were probably not expecting to be working from home, outside. Therefore, you may not have enough outlets to run your office. So, invest in a good and long extension cord with enough outlets to power your items. Look for reinforced cords that can withstand the effects of the weather.

  • Protection from the elements

Ensure that your office is well protected from the elements. Just because you are working outside does not mean you should risk your laptop and documents getting wet.

Luckily, there are many great options for creating a shelter outside. Some outdoor furniture selections come with umbrellas and canopies, which provide enough overhead shelter. If not, invest in retractable shades and awnings.

  • Boost your Wi-Fi

And lastly, ensure that you boost your Wi-Fi with routers. This way, you will enjoy working outside with fast internet.


How To Furnish A Patio Office

The key feature in outdoor offices is furniture. Good furniture determines if your office will keep running outside. Similarly, it determines how comfortable and productive you are. And lastly, the furniture you pick can even influence your productivity.

Therefore, it is important to get high-quality furniture that can withstand the effects of weather and provide you with effective ergonomic needs while embodying professional stylishness. The furniture items should also be versatile, accommodating to various needs.

The staple items every outdoor office should have are:


A table is an essential part of an outdoor office. Putting your laptop on your lap can make you strain your back due to bad posture. Therefore, ensure you get a good table to place your laptops and worksheets. When it comes to outdoor tables, you have multiple choices. However, two modern options worth mentioning are:

  • Standing desk

A standing desk is a good choice if you are worried about sitting because it is bad for your health. You should ensure that the table reaches the optimum standing table height. You can also get an adjustable one to set up in different areas around your space.

  • Deck folding table

The deck folding table is ideal for people with limited space. It conveniently folds out and has attachments that let you hang it on the deck. This creates a good table, ideal for working, and you can fold it up when you are done.


There are many chair options for an outdoor working space. Therefore, you should find a chair with adequate back support. Similarly, it should work well with your chosen table. If not, it should give you practical comfort as you work. Ensure your posture will not trigger pain after spending a few hours on the chair.

Swivel chairs are very popular among outdoor workers. This is because they offer adequate back support. You can also go for the classic Adirondack chair since it is meant to give comfort and support. You can use throw pillows for more support when working.

It is important to pick a practical weight for the chair. This makes it easier to move it, thus more versatile. Therefore, remove gaming chairs from your choices as these are too heavy. Something simple is good for working outside with the right cushions.


Storage Pieces

It helps to have good storage pieces if you work from outside. It can be a place to store your documents, cables, notebooks, pens, and even laptop as you work. Outdoor storage spaces are versatile.

It can be as simple as a working desk with in-built drawers. Some choices also feature an elaborate desk-shelf design with the desk attached to a storage shelf. Some can also be ottomans with hidden storage compartments.

It is advisable to have a moveable storage piece outdoors because you could use it in the office today and then in the outdoor kitchen tomorrow when hosting people for a meal. If it is on wheels, the better.


Outdoor Dining and Lounge Furniture

And lastly, if you do not have enough space to set up a flexible working space, furnish the patio with an outdoor dining and lounge set. The outdoor dining table is a sturdy surface for placing your laptop. The chair will give you the adequate height to work comfortably by the dining table.

A lounge set is ideal for a lazy working day when you need a little more coziness to get things done.

When picking the dining set, ensure you leave ample room for movement; same with the lounge set. The best thing about these sets is that they can double as hosting sets. Therefore, you can quickly turn your working space into a lounge space.


Choose the Best Outdoor Office Furniture

With these choices, you are a few steps away from getting high-quality outdoor office furniture. But, there are multiple characteristics you should look for when buying outdoor furniture.

Durable And Weatherproof Material

Outdoor furniture will always be under constant threat from the elements. Sunshine fades and weakens the furniture. Excessive sun exposure can also lead to heat absorption and retention, making the furniture unsafe.

Precipitation seeps into the materials, triggering rotting, mold growth, and rust, while some furniture is prone to strong winds.

So, you need high-quality, weather-resistant materials that can last years without needing repairs or replacement. That is where HDPE furniture comes in. HDPE is a durable and weatherproof material that makes stylish and resistant furniture pieces.

HDPE furniture is first resistant to precipitation. Moisture cannot seep into the furniture pieces; thus, they are not prone to mold, rot, rust, and uneven drying. HDPE furniture also has UV-inhibiting components making them resistant to sun exposure. The color stays even with consistent exposure.

Also, high-quality HDPE furniture is heavy enough to resist strong winds. But even tipping over will not trigger cracks and chipping. HDPE is also resistant to insect damage which is an advantage adding longevity.

HDPE Outdoor Patio Furniture

Match Colors or Theme

Ensure you create a theme and stick to it when purchasing outdoor furniture. There are hundreds of ideas at your disposal online. Ensure that you pick colors you enjoy seeing since you will see the space more often than anyone else.

HDPE furniture is a good choice for creating specific themes and colors. The HDPE lumber comes in various colors, so it is easier to create a unique look for your space.

And the color runs through the lumber instead of acting as paint or tint that can chip. So your color scheme will not change after a few years.


Maintenance and Care

Nobody wants to spend their Saturdays maintaining and cleaning outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, some outdoor furniture materials demand this type of regular maintenance. If you want an easy time, go for HDPE furniture since it demands little maintenance.

You can clean your furniture once a month with soap and water. Then tilt the furniture to dry, and it should be ready for use. You do not have to worry about special treatments like staining, powdering, or painting for maintenance. A good clean or scrub with a soft-bristle brush is enough to keep the furniture clean and functional.


Additional Features And Accessories

And lastly, you should be drawn to outdoor furniture with additional features and accessories such as extra storage space. Foldable options are also for space-saving, while adjustable seats accommodate more people. The goal is to get high-quality, versatile furniture that serves you in multiple ways.

Final Thoughts

The list of furniture pieces and considerations for purchase are what many end consumers are looking for now. More consumers are savoring their outdoor spaces and turning them into permanent workspaces.

Similarly, corporations and companies are creating outdoor working areas that can accommodate more employees and give them a space where ideas frequently flow, thus improving productivity. They, too, are looking for durable, long-lasting outdoor furniture.

With outdoor working spaces becoming more prevalent, demand for furniture is high compared to other years. Therefore, this trend is an opportunity for furniture companies to capitalize and profit while establishing their brands.

But, to succeed, furniture business owners must provide end consumers with high-quality all-weather furniture. This means collaborating with trusted and reliable furniture factories.

We are a trusted furniture factory producing high-quality outdoor furniture. We use HDPE lumber to make all-weather outdoor furniture that is versatile and practical. We are focused on creating functional designs that further accommodate outdoor workers. Therefore, we are always improving our craft.

We have partnered with reputable furniture business owners, and you are one step closer to a fulfilling long-term partnership. Partnering with us means you get access to our high-quality furniture items. We also guarantee affordable prices and a seamless supply chain.

You have all you need to satisfy the influx of consumers coming your way, so make the smart choice by partnering with us today.


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