2022 Outdoor Patio Furniture Color Trends

2022 Outdoor Patio Furniture Color Trends

2022 came with the promise of hope, and it is delivering. The effects of the pandemic finally started to clear as people went back to their offices while children resumed studies. The outdoors are ours for the taking once more.

However, a trend that started in 2020 seems to be permanent as people keep their outdoor spaces active. The outdoor space within the home is a sacred one, and people have chosen to keep it that way.

And with the year still in its young months, you still have a lot of time to catch up with those making their outdoor spaces more habitable. Outdoor patio furniture should be your first stop to prepare for summer fun.

There are many options at your disposal, but what most people struggle with is the color choice. You will have many color choices if you make the smart move and select HDPE outdoor patio furniture. That is one of the benefits of poly furniture.

It can be challenging to settle for a color, especially since everything looks good. That is why we offer a helpful recording of the top color trends for outdoor patio furniture in 2022. It will introduce you to some of the best colors and help you make beautiful pairings.

But first, learn about the considerations that can guide you in selecting beautiful colors for your outdoor furniture.

5 Considerations For Outdoor Furniture Colors

The first thing you should consider is the theme. The theme of your house should guide you in choosing good colors for your outdoor sets. Working from an existing theme is like working with a cheat sheet and helps you make an informed decision.

You can go with a blend of your theme, looking for similar colors. Or you could choose a complete opposite contrast of what is in your house. Alternatively, you can pick one color and develop a new scheme.


Sometimes, you should consider the season to guide you into a suitable color scheme for your outdoor furniture. The seasons have various color favorites that blend with the overall feel.

For example, summer is associated with everything orange, red, yellow, and other warm colors. Winter calls for ice-cool colors like blues and greens. Fall invokes the spirit of browns and oranges, while spring demands the floweriness of purples and pinks.

Using seasons can guide you in a good color pallet choice. You can pick your favorite one or the one you most relate to.


The garden and patio style is another consideration to make when choosing colors. Your garden has specific plants and features that would look best against other colors. In fact, you can pick your garden colors to dictate your outdoor furniture.

Your patio style should also guide you to the right colors. For example, if the architectural features of your patio or gazebo play to Mediterranean styles, then Mediterranean whites and neutrals should be your ideal color choices.


Similarly, consider where your furniture will sit. Your patio could be against a colored background, and you, therefore, need to pick patio furniture that will complement the location. Additionally, if your deck can be seen from the street, consider your curb apples. You need to ensure it is inviting, creative, and thoughtful. Also, consider if your furniture is going in an outdoor room like the outdoor kitchen. In this example, oranges and yellows are best for appetite.


And finally, the most classic method of choosing outdoor furniture colors is picking your favorite colors. A quick search online will introduce you to the variety of colors available for outdoor sets.

When you work with a good manufacturer like us, you can even get custom colors made for your furniture. This may not be the most researched method of picking colors, but it is good. After all, you are the one who will spend most of the time looking at those pieces. You might as well pick something you love.

The Classic Take

Outdoor Patio Furniture Color Trends

1. Black

Whether people love black for its sleekness or ability to blend almost anywhere, it remains an excellent color choice. Most people go for black outdoor furniture because it is easy to style, offers exceptional contrast, and can turn any place into a classy environment.

Black remains a favorite for 2022 for these reasons. Similarly, it is popular with manufacturers because it is easy to make. If you are new, consider giving black a chance. It will pair well with whichever other color you pick.

2. White

White is another favorite in 2022, offering the same flexibility as black. White is a stylish color that gives the furniture a fantastic appeal, invoking calmness and a sense of sophistication.

As a beginner, you can never go wrong with white since it is easy to style. As an expert, white shows your sophisticated side. It is comfortable and ideal for peaceful settings. And it gives your space a bright look, ideal for summer barbecues and winter experiences.

3. Aruba blue

Aruba blue is a turquoise-tinged shade of green that mimics the ocean. People who want to capture the beach vibes go for this color. Perhaps this color became so popular because restricted movement meant that people could not visit the beach.

To compensate, they went for outdoor furniture that mimics feelings of warm salty air, blazing sun, and hot sandy beaches. This color is relaxing and ideal for 2022 because we all deserve a break after the past two years.

4. Tan

For those who are not dedicated to the dazzling beauty of white, you can pick tan. Tan is a neutral color that can go with almost anything. It does not draw much attention making it an ideal option for minimalists.

You can get complimentary outdoor pillows to make the place pop or go for darker tones of brown to make a statement without overwhelming the space. Plus, you can rest easy with worries of staining.

5. Royal blue

If you desire to find a captivating but calming color, then royal blue should be the go-to. If it is good enough for royalty, just imagine how great it will look in your space. This color possesses the calmness of a blue with just enough striking appearance to make your guests admire the layout. This color looks good on chairs and fabrics alike and creates a beach-like feel but with hints of modernity. And it has beautiful color pairing options.

6. Mahogany brown

People want the allure of wood without dealing with the demands of caring for wood furniture. It is back to work in 2022, and people won’t have the time to stain, varnish, and clean wood outdoor furniture. So what is the alternative? Wood tones, of course, on outdoor furniture!

Specifically mahogany brown, which looks just like the wood. It is ideal for patios and gardens with lots of green plants and flowers. This shade is a beautiful color, with minimal pairings, but that’s only because it stands out by itself.

7. Gray

And finally, while some people say gray is overdone, we say it is a classic choice. It is not as safe as black and white, so it will instead offer some mystery.

Gray is ideal as a monochrome color, so you only need to look for different shades for pairing. Alternatively, you can pick bright colors to lighten up your space. Gray and yellow is a classic pairing that will take you through the year, looking stylish enough for all seasons.

The Upcoming Colors

1. Bronze

Stepping away from the safety of tan, you will find bronze. It is metallic, demanding attention and standing out as bold, even daring. It is the perfect color for patios that need a little blend with visibility.

The metallic tones are ideal for neutral pairings, or you could go with a metallic contrast. It is important to ensure it is not overshadowed and retains its sophistication. A little black won’t hurt this color.

2. Egg Yellow

For sunshine, beach, and sand, the promise of brightness turns to egg yellow. It is bright, captivating, and ideal for bringing a little sunshine into your yard. Egg yellow has a few pairings that do not steal the spotlight, but we advise going for darker tones.

You can pull a bumblebee and pair it with black cushions and pillows. White is another good choice, as are tan and dark greens. This color is best reserved for chairs and lounge sets.

3. Forest green

People are getting more enchanted with the allure of forest green. It is a green that is darker than most plants in your garden, so it is hypnotic in a sense. It goes well in green places, and while ‘dull’ stands out on its own. It calls for bright-colored pairing, and going with lighter greens for monochrome is not a bad idea. Just watch out for camouflaging critters.

4. Brick red

Brick red is stunning and impressive. This lovely color brings a summer appeal into your garden, invoking a response every time someone sees it.

If you have roses, the set will beautifully complement the color. Contrasts of white and tan are welcome when getting pillows and cushions for pairing. You can also go for darker tones of green and blue for a rainbow appeal.

5. Mint green

And finally, mint green is another good option that people also turn to when they need a little beach vibe in their homes. You can choose this light cool green for winter pairings or go for bright tones to make it pop. Mint is relaxing and easily invokes feelings of calmness. While it might not be the best for garden settings, it looks beautiful against wood decks and colors.

The Perfect Pairings

As you can see, 2022 has a lot to offer in colored outdoor furniture. HDPE is the best option, and you are sure to find all the colors we mentioned, plus more. Remember, you can always go the customized way if you don’t find what you are looking for.

Before concluding this article, let us explore some of the trendy color pairings we will continue to see in the following months before the year ends. Hopefully, this will be enough to help you make an informed decision and buy beautiful colors.

1. Rainbow

Can’t decide on a color? Why not choose all of them! Well, not all, at least the six colors on the rainbow. This is a becoming trend that more people are getting into. Your outdoor sets will come in multiple colors representing the rainbow. It is eye-catching, and you can even categorize your pieces into color groups if you have multiple sets.

2. Neutrals

If you need a safe and easy-to-style scheme, look for neutrals. Neutrals are plain and offer more variety for cushions and pillows. They are easy to style and go with natural and painted backgrounds. Similarly, they look great against the wood. Go for tan, egg-shell, and other neutrals against darker browns for an eye-catching look.

3. Salad forests

Salad forest is a mixture of oranges with green and yellow. Think if a broccoli stem met a yellow bell pepper with a ripe carrot. This natural pairing is ideal for garden settings giving the place a natural fresh look. It is easy to achieve with darker shades of green, bright yellows, and burnt orange.

4. Warm summer sunsets

The spirit of summer should lead you to red, orange, and yellow. This color pairing is like summer in a yard that looks bright, hopeful, and playful. These three colors are alluring, and while some believe they don’t go together, we dare to go against norms and capture the essence of a hot summer sunset.

5. Winter fresh

If you desire a more relaxed take, you should be looking for shades of green, blue, and a dash of white. It gives your space a cool appearance, ideal for relaxation. The cool tones are easy to pair, and you can even choose to go with either green or blue with white for easy styling.

6. The classic monochrome

And finally, when in doubt, pick one color and work with its shades and tones for a monochrome look. Brown, blue, gray, orange, red, and even pink often work for monochromatic looks.

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