8 Different Types of Adirondack Chairs 

Are you setting your outdoor garden, deck, or patio? An Adirondack chair is the best option for your seating arrangement. These are comfortable, durable, and look amazing in outdoor settings. So, before you go out and buy this chair for your house, check out our brief guide to know everything about Adirondack chairs and their different types.

What is an Adirondack Chair?

An Adirondack chair is a reclined back chair, commonly made of wood with wide armrests. These chairs are ideal for outdoor arrangements in people’s patios, gardens, decks, and backyards.

Thomas Lee first made the Adirondack chair in the early 1900s in Westport, New York. The name of the chair comes from the famous Adirondack mountains.

According to a legend, the patients from Adirondack mountain’s tuberculosis treatment home liked to use these chairs to get some fresh air. The wide-open armrests allowed the patients to open their chests and inhale the fresh air in the mountains, hence the name of the chairs.

These chairs are also popularly known as Westport Chairs, Lee-Bunnell chairs, and Muskoka chairs in different regions of the country. These days, Adirondack chairs are made of metal, plastic, and other contemporary material to suit modern needs.

Eight Types of Adirondack Chairs for Your Outdoor Seating Arrangement

1.Traditional Adirondack Chair


Traditional Adirondack Chairs are among the most famous types and are very common in people’s patios or backyards. It is the go-to patio furniture for most New Yorkers. Adirondack chairs are also the comfiest option for outdoor lounging because of their reclined shape.

Consumers prefer Adirondack chairs due to their large size and letting them relax with their arms on the wide armrest. These have a very iconic design that you can spot everywhere, from people’s backyards and patios to public beaches.

Adirondack chairs are the epitome of comfort and give off a peaceful vacation-like vibe. However, they are slightly different in their purpose from other chairs.

The backrest of the Adirondack chair has five to seven wooden planks and has the tallest plank placed in the middle. The armrests are flat and wide and are perpendicular to the chair’s legs.

The seat of an Adirondack chair has a downwards slope from the back, making it the ideal sitting arrangement for lounging or napping. These chairs, however, are not the best pick for studying or working.

Adirondack chairs are not ideal for prolonged sitting. Their primary use is for lounging and napping, but using them for more than a few hours can cause discomfort. In addition, the seats of these chairs are arranged so that your back deeply reclines backward, making the position rather uncomfortable for extended use.

Some people find lying on an Adirondack chair for a long time, tiring. But the choice varies from person to person and their body types. These chairs are comfortable and have a natural, rustic appearance that can make your outdoor setting Pinterest perfect!

2.Adirondack Chair with Ottoman


Adirondack chairs come in all shapes and sizes. There is an option to get Adirondack chairs with ottomans as well. These chairs have a specific design that is better for people to enjoy the sun on their deck or backyard in the evenings.

They have an extended front to rest your legs and enjoy a comfortable nap. These chairs are also famous as swimming pool chairs as you can easily find them at picnic spots. They are also amazing for lounging during sunny days.

They are more comfortable than traditional Adirondack chairs for prolonged use. Traditional Adirondack chairs do not give the most comfortable experience if you want to use them for a long time. Adirondack chairs with Ottomans are the best pick for sitting in the sun and enjoying your book or your cold beverages as you take your sunbath.

People usually use these as patio furniture for relaxing outdoors. They’re ideal for sitting and having conversations with your friends and family. You can have a great day out in the sun with a drink and snacks on these chairs.

When it comes to home use, they are a trendy option for barbecues, bonfires, backyard pool parties, etc.

Due to their comfortable ergonomic design, beaches often have Adirondack chairs with Ottomans laid out in the sun so that visitors can lay back and take a sunbath, read a book, or simply enjoy a beverage in the cool ocean breeze.

3.Children's Adirondack Chair

Children’s Adirondack Chairs are just as multipurpose as adult Adirondack chairs. They are made from the same design, material, and technique. The only difference is that they are for children; i.e., they are designed smaller in size.

Families like to set up their backyards for quiet evenings and read to their children while lounging. Having children’s Adirondack chairs can make this experience more comfortable and relaxing.

Fitting a child on normal Adirondack chairs or even a double Adirondack chair with you can be a tough job. They are too small, and normal Adirondack chairs can feel overwhelming because of their wide appearance.

To help kids enjoy the comfort of an Adirondack chair, but in a size that they can enjoy, furniture makers came up with a smaller alternative. This way, your whole family can spend time together in your backyard.

These chairs can fit children easily and help them sit back and relax. In fact, buying the right size of a children’s Adirondack chair in the color of their choice will make them enjoy family time even more. These chairs double as a picnic chair, so you can fold these up and put them in your car trunk for easy travel.

A miniature Adirondack chair next to your normal patio furniture will make the setting look more family-friendly. It can make your child feel good that they get to have their seat in the backyard. If you have more than one child, you can get more than one Adirondack chair and spread them around the backyard sitting space.

They are a great and affordable option for patio or backyard upgrades for families. Your little ones will adore you for spending time in the tiny chair that belongs to them.

4. Double Adirondack Chair

Even though the most common Adirondack chairs seen worldwide are singular, there is an option for double Adirondack chairs for couples. These chairs are for seating more than one person and are a fantastic option for snuggling and cuddling.

However, they are not a practical choice for people who enjoy their personal space. They are not common in people’s backyards compared to the traditional ones. Double Adirondack chairs are a very comfortable option for couples who like to spend quality time lounging in their backyards or patios. To sum it up, it is the loveseat of the Adirondack chairs.

Double Adirondack chairs are common amongst people who have fireplaces in their backyards. People with outdoor seating like to invest in at least one double Adirondack chair.

Not only are they good for snuggling, but they are also the epitome of comfort and can make your daytime napping feel less like a chore and more like an outing. They have an intelligent design that efficiently supports your back so you can have a relaxing time on this chair. These chairs are versatile and aesthetic, giving your backyard a trendy, picnic-ready look.

Their iconic look goes well with other outdoor furniture pieces and can make the space feel much more stylish. Furthermore, if you happen to have kids, they’re a fantastic place to sit down and read to them in your leisure time.

Whether you want to enjoy a cozy evening in front of the fire pit, watch a movie in your backyard, or have a round of card games with your loved one, you can enjoy all these precious moments on your double Adirondack chair.

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5.Adirondack Lounge Chair


The sole purpose of Adirondack chairs is to help people fulfill their lounging needs in their patios and backyards without any hassle. Another essential product famous in the Adirondack Chair world is Adirondack Lounge Chair.

Adirondack chair enthusiasts like to invest in all different kinds of Adirondack chairs. One such example is the Adirondack chair for lounging that sits within the premises of their homes. These are an exceptional alternative to more expensive pieces of furniture and can give an overall appealing look to your place.

These are made out of wood or faux wood materials, depending on the chairs you are going for. The faux wood lounging chair contains hard plastic composite materials and is easier to move around.

They are waterproof and low-maintenance chairs, and their design helps them stand out. You can pair it with an ottoman to complete the look. The option for lounge Adirondack chairs ranges from plywood classic, modern, vineyard, and several other designs. These chairs have wide armrests and a tall back for lying back in a position that is comfortable for you.

Lounging, napping, reading, or just simply spending a bit of time together with your family can be made more effortless with Adirondack chairs for lounges. These Adirondack Lounging Chairs are a favorite of homeowners who like to add a touch of simplicity and comfort to their space.

6.Faux Wood Adirondack Chair


Adirondack chairs are not always made up of real wood. Wood is a rigid material to carry around and can be quite expensive. To help customers who don’t want to invest in heavy materials like wood, there are faux wood Adirondack chairs available in the market.

These faux wood Adirondack chairs are made up of hard plastic materials molded in the shape of the wood. These chairs have an exact look as traditional Adirondack chairs. Wooden furniture is expensive compared to faux wood materials that have composite plastic and other recyclable things.

If you don’t like to invest in wooden furniture, you can check out faux wood Adirondack chairs. Faux wood has its own set of advantages over traditional wooden chairs. They perform quite well in extreme weather conditions and withstand heavy rain and snow.

In addition, the comfort of using a faux wooden Adirondack chair is about as good as sitting in a traditional Adirondack chair. There have been examples where faux Adirondack chairs have outlasted traditional Adirondack chairs, which shows their durability.

7.Wicker Adirondack Chair


Wicker furniture is among the most popular types of outdoor furniture worldwide. Not only is this kind of furniture aesthetically pleasing, but it also shows intricate craftsmanship that catches everyone’s attention. The material certainly has a charm, which is very hard to ignore.

People worry that wicker furniture is not as durable as other types of furniture such as wood. However, this material is ideal for outdoor settings. Most wicker furniture feature bamboo sticks which are naturally waterproof. Other synthetic materials that are used to create wicker Adirindanck chairs are also resistant to water and sun damage.

Wicker Adirondack chairs can efficiently withstand heavyweight over a long period. The shape and design of Wicker Adirondack chairs are the same as traditional Adirondack chairs, just with the slight change of the base materials.

The best part about wicker Adirondack chairs is that they are extremely lightweight and portable. They have the same laid-back angled seat as the traditional ones.

Once you invest in wicker Adirondack chairs, you will see that these chairs have been specially designed to withstand all types of extreme weather.

People are also concerned about cleaning wicker Adirondack chairs. They are effortless to clean, and any kind of stain, damage, or crack can be removed easily. These chairs will be a fantastic addition to your outdoor furniture.

The woven wicker Adirondack chairs are all you need to enjoy the blissful summer breeze with your loved one or alone if you like. Finish the summery look with some colorful cushions, and your outdoor seating arrangement is ready!

8.Camping Adirondack Chair


Adirondack chairs are also available at many campsites. If you have decided to camp in the wilderness, you can also pack your camping Adirondack chair.

However, you can tell that the angle and positioning of this chair resemble that of a traditional design. There are portable designs of Adirondack chairs available for people who are always on the go. You can easily carry these portable designs to the camping and sit around the campfire to relax.

Camping Adirondack chairs are made of several types of materials. They are foldable, lightweight, and can be used in all kinds of weather. These Adirondack chairs can easily fit inside the trunk of your car and do not take up as much space as traditional Adirondack chairs.

People often like to invest in these portable Adirondack chairs for outdoor and home use. These are also ideal for the beach or the lake to sit in and relax. Camping Adirondack chairs also come with additional features to provide you with maximum comfort.

There are adjustable seats, cup holders for tea or coffee, adjustable heights, and much more. You can put your beverage in your cup holder at the campsite without the fear of spilling it all over the ground at any point.

These chairs are also accompanied by carrying straps that make carrying them around a lot easier. For example, when people take these chairs to a campsite that requires hiking, these carrying straps make the process tenfold easier.

These camping Adirondack chairs are available in double Adirondack chair options as well. They are made out of several materials such as plastic, parachute, canvas cloth, polyester, nylon, or cell-foam padding. So, if you love adventure and touring around nature, a camping Adirondack chair is the best option for you.

Adirondack Chair Buying Guide

Adirondack Chairs

Since there is a huge variety of Adirondack chairs available in the market, you need to consider a few factors to get your hands on the right chair for you. Here’s a brief Adirondack chair buying guide:


Most Adirondack chairs are in the form of normal reclined chairs, while the others come with leg rest. Opt for the shape that will suit your requirements and lifestyle.


Size is also an important factor to consider. There are single Adirondack chairs, double and kid’s size chairs that you can choose from.


Most traditional Adirondacks are wooden. Modern Adirondack chairs are also made out of metal, plastic, straw, or HDPE lumber.


Almost all Adirondack chairs are portable. If you want your chairs to be fully convenient to travel with, then go for a camping Adirondack chair.


These chairs come with different price tags depending on the material, style, and brand. Do the research according to your budget to find the best Adirondack for your house.


An Adirondack chair is synonymous with comfort, peace, and relaxation. You can find a variety of different Adirondack chairs in outdoor furniture showrooms. Whether you choose a wooden, a plastic, metallic, or a wicker one, there is one thing that will stay consistent, and that is a relaxing experience.

With all the different types of Adirondack chairs available in the market, choose the one that suits your requirements and gives your outdoor space the makeover it deserves.

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