Everything You Need to Know About Poly Furniture

Poly furniture is gaining popularity in different settings. More end consumers are turning to outdoor poly furniture as a suitable replacement for wood and metal furniture. Still, some retailers do not know the many benefits of poly furniture.

The lack of information could be keeping you from a lucrative opportunity for your business. However, the information below seeks to give retailers a poly furniture perspective for making informed decisions on choosing this endeavor.

This article contains all the information you need to learn about poly furniture. For starters, you will learn about the origins of poly furniture. The article will also outline the many benefits of outdoor poly furniture, including its impact on the environment.

And finally, the article introduces us as your trusted manufacturers of poly furniture. You will learn about the different types of poly furniture we make and our furniture manufacturing process.

But first, take a look at the basic information about polyethylene, the primary material needed for making poly furniture.

What is Polyethylene?


Polyethylene or ‘polythene’ is the most widely produced plastic globally today. It is a polymer with a variable crystalline structure that gives it a vast range of applications. As a result, manufacturers produce tens of millions of tons of polyethylene each year.

There are four main types of polyethylene:

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)

It is flexible with unique properties that make it ideal for shopping bags and plastic wrapping films. You can also identify LDPE by its low tensile strength, evident by its tendency to stretch when strained.

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)

It is similar to LDPE but has more advantages. First, its manufacture is less energy-intensive. Additionally, manufacturers can alter the properties of LLDPE. Therefore, it is more robust.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

It is moderately stiff and robust with a high crystalline structure. Common applications include garbage bins, milk or juice cartons, and chopping boards.

Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW)

It is a very dense polyethylene that manufacturers spin to produce threads with tensile strengths that are many times greater than steel. UHMW applications include the manufacture of bulletproof vests and high-performance equipment.

What is Poly Furniture?

Play Video about How to Make HDPE Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture & Why We Make It

Poly furniture is furniture made from poly lumber. Poly lumber comes from recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE). To create poly lumber, HDPE undergoes treatment with UV-inhibited pigment systems, foaming compounds, and selected process additives.

Manufacturers source HDPE from post-consumer waste such as milk bottles, soap bottles, and other rigid plastic containers. Manufacturers decontaminate and clean the plastic before manufacturing it into lumber-style boards.

The boards are over 90% recycled plastic in weight. As a result, they are applicable in furniture making and other instances where users traditionally prefer wood.

The primary benefit of poly lumber is recycling. It keeps HDPE out of landfills. Additionally, it minimizes the use of trees to make wood since poly lumber is a suitable alternative for many wood applications.

Another benefit of poly lumber is the ease of customization. Poly furniture goes beyond generic plastic chairs and tables. Instead, it supports an array of sophisticated designs for furniture that transform spaces.

Think comfortable lawn chairs, outdoor dining sets, deck sofas, bistro furniture, lawn swings, and benches. End consumers who benefit from poly furniture include:

Bistros, bars, and cafes

Poly furniture enhances the overall ambiance of bistro-style restaurants and cafes. The furniture is perfect for outdoor seating in bars, too, thanks to its durability and creative designs.


Poly furniture can easily replace the deck and outdoor furniture in homes. Poly furniture is more durable under harsh weather conditions compared to metal and wood. Additionally, it has the advantage of easy maintenance.

Public spaces

And finally, public parks and playgrounds could benefit from a few poly benches and chairs. They have the advantage of easy maintenance. Additionally, they can withstand harsh weather well and are highly resistant to damage from bugs.

The Benefits of Poly Furniture

The key benefits of poly furniture are:

1.Highly durable

The shortcomings of outdoor wood and metal furniture do not apply to poly furniture. Poly furniture is highly durable and robust. In addition, the plastic material can adequately withstand pressure and the other demands of outdoor furniture.

For starters, poly furniture does not rot. You notice that wood furniture deteriorates because of moisture and consistent exposure to elements. The rot turns the wood brittle, making it unsightly, smelly, and prone to breaking.

Since poly furniture is highly resistant to weather and external elements, it will not rot. Therefore, end consumers can enjoy years of service with no issues of breaking or cracking.

When metal furniture gains enough exposure to moisture and oxygen, it begins to rust. This makes the furniture unsightly, dangerous, and weak. Unlike metal furniture, poly furniture does not rust, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Plastic is also highly resistant to the effects of pests such as termites and rodents. These pests bore through wood and use it as a source of nutrients, making it brittle and unsightly. However, pests cannot bore through plastic furniture, making poly furniture the best choice for outdoor use.

Thanks to the high tensile strength of HDPE, poly furniture is strong and can withstand pressure without cracking or breaking. This type of furniture is neither flimsy nor lightweight that it breaks upon impact or cracks under too much weight.

Instead, it is firm and sturdy. Poly furniture handles pressure well by resisting bending, splinting, and breaking. This explains its popularity in high-traffic establishments such as bistros. In addition, the furniture lasts years without needing replacement and repairs. Therefore, poly furniture is a durable investment.

2.Weather resistance


One of the problems that outdoor furniture faces is the weather. The elements are not always the kindest when it comes to affecting outdoor furniture. Whether it is sun, rain, or wind, it poses a threat.

Most people have outdoor wood furniture. Unfortunately, it does not test well against the elements. Prolonged sun exposure causes harmful UV rays to reach the furniture surfaces. With time, outdoor wooden furniture undergoes fading, weakening, darkening, and irreversible discoloration.

Poly furniture tests well against sunlight exposure. It can resist fading due to sun exposure because of the coated finish of poly lumber. The finish adequately resists UV rays, allowing the furniture to last longer outdoors.

Metal and wood furniture do not handle rain and humid weather well. When the protective coating fades, the wood will absorb water and rot. This causes it to soften, warp, and be more prone to breaking or falling apart.

Metal, on the other hand, sustains rust when exposed to moisture. The corrosion takes a while to form, but the furniture’s paint will chip, leaving an unsightly surface once it does. Additionally, metal furniture becomes more prone to chipping and breaking.

Poly furniture effortlessly resists the effects of rain and humid conditions. The furniture neither rusts nor rots, making it a durable weather-resistant option for outdoor furniture.

And because poly furniture is sturdy and robust, it can resist winds and storms. This is not flimsy lightweight furniture that falls or floats away with a bit of strong wind. Instead, it holds well against windy weather and harsh storms.


Maintenance is always an issue for any type of outdoor furniture. Both retailers and end consumers have to consider what kind of maintenance outdoor furniture demands to retain excellent visuals for months or even years to come.

Luckily, poly furniture requires little to no maintenance. You do not need to keep cleaning, dusting, painting, or treating poly furniture to make it visually appealing to end consumers. Instead, the material does the work for you.

Poly furniture does not require staining, painting, or coating to maintain a lustrous appearance. It is naturally beautiful and can withstand the effects of external factors without hindering its integrity. It is resistant to staining, for starters, so all you need to do is wipe or dust the surfaces every once in a while to keep it looking attractive.

End consumers do not have to deal with maintenance issues either. The finish coating of poly furniture gives it excellent resistance to moisture, heat, harsh weather, and pests. Therefore, end consumers do not have to make an effort to care for the furniture.

The only maintenance poly furniture needs are soap and water. It does not need harsh cleaning detergents and chemicals because wiping it down with soap and water does the trick. Additionally, it does not require waxing, painting, or oiling to keep it looking new.

Poly furniture retains its natural luster and colors for years without the help of tedious maintenance activities. Retailers can, therefore, confidently leave the furniture on display during a sale, in any weather, without worrying about aging. End consumers can also do the same.

4.Easy to clean

HDPE Outdoor Furniture Cleaning & Care Guide

Similar to other types of furniture, poly furniture requires cleaning from time to time to make it look more attractive. However, the cleaning process does not demand a lot of time, so retailers can easily prepare it for shipping in a few minutes.

Cleaning poly lumber requires the use of soap, water, and a cloth or soft bristle brush. Using the solution on the surfaces of the poly furniture removes dirt and debris from the grain pattern of the furniture.

Gentle pressure from a spray hose can adequately rinse the soap from the furniture. Mild pressure can also remove hardened and caked debris and mud from the legs and surfaces of the furniture.

Warm soapy water is ideal for removing grease and food from the patio furniture. The soft bristle brush will loosen the crusty or caked particles, and the warm soapy water can cut through the oil. A bottle brush comes in handy when cleaning between narrow spaces of the furniture.

A pressure washer with no greater than 1500 psi is another ideal cleaning tool for poly furniture, at least once a year. From a distance, the pressure washer adequately removes dirt and dust. It is also suitable for removing stuck particles from the legs and surfaces of the furniture.

When cleaning poly furniture, acetone, bleach, and other harsh chemicals are unnecessary. Harsh detergents and solvents harm poly furniture by making them brittle and pale. Mild disinfectants are acceptable to remove germs when diluted in water and applied with a clean cloth.

5.Environmentally friendly


Just because poly furniture comes from plastic does not mean it does not help the environment. Contrary to what most people think, poly furniture is helpful to the environment in multiple ways.

Recycling old plastic

Poly furniture helps in recycling old plastic. Poly lumber comes from recycling plastic bottles and rigid plastic containers. Without recycling, this plastic would end up in landfills and take years to disintegrate.

Poly furniture reduces the need for more landfills by giving new life to old plastic. As a result, there will be less plastic on the ground.

Reduces the need for trees

Poly furniture helps the environment by preventing the cutting down of trees to make wood. Poly lumber is an adequate substitute for wood. Therefore, when more retailers turn to poly furniture instead of wood, it reduces the need to cut down trees.

This is great for the environment because trees prevent soil erosion, encourage rainfall, use carbon dioxide to produce oxygen, and provide shade against harsh sun rays.

Do not leach chemicals

A lesser-known environmental benefit of poly furniture is that they do not leach chemicals. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a type of plastic that can also create furniture. However, it is different from HDPE in that it can leach toxic chemicals over time.

It leaches these chemicals when heated or disposed of in landfills. It can even deposit chemicals by touch. Using HDPE instead of PVC for poly furniture prevents this.

Additionally, using HDPE prevents chemical leaching in the environment because it does not require sealing substances like wood. Wooden furniture undergoes chemical sealing to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood.

Unfortunately, these chemicals can bleed into the ground, hurting living organisms in the soil and damaging plants. Poly lumber does not need chemical sealing because it repels water. Therefore, it is better for the environment.

Promote recycling

While it is not a direct advantage, poly lumber can promote recycling. If you can provide insight to end consumers about the manufacturing process of poly lumber, it may encourage them to take up recycling, thus bettering the environment.

6.Tons of color options


And finally, poly furniture comes in many color options. There are different shades and hues, which means endless combinations and the chance to create something unique. Color options are a must-have in outdoor furniture.

Having multiple color options can first help you satisfy your customers’ desired themes and color schemes. For example, your customers will likely want specific themes or color schemes for their backyard. You can help them achieve it with poly furniture.

Secondly, poly furniture can help you meet your client’s branding needs. Companies and organizations have specific colors, and if they want their furniture to help with branding efforts, you can provide poly furniture to meet their goals.

Our Range of Poly Furniture

1.Poly Adirondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs are often associated with outdoor relaxation and unwinding. We create exquisite and comfortable poly Adirondack chairs ideal for multiple outdoor applications. We offer modern, classic, and transitional designs. Additionally, we customize.

You can easily meet the needs of your clients with our quality craftsmanship. Our poly adirondack chairs are ideal for any outdoor setting. They promise comfort and meet different style demands. Additionally, they do not require maintenance to keep them looking good on display.

We use high-quality HDPE in the construction of adirondack chairs. Therefore, each chair has a long lifespan, ideal for long-term and seasonal sales.

2.Poly Benches

Poly benches are an ideal substitute for wooden ones. They resist moisture, making them ideal for outdoor settings. Additionally, poly benches do not rot, making them less susceptible to breaking. Poly benches are also resistant to corrosion and can withstand pressure without breaking.

Our poly benches have a tough exterior, making them ideal for long-term display and sales. Additionally, they require very little maintenance, so you can get them ready for clients in a few minutes.

Our professional craftsmanship helps you draw in clients. We create standard, unique, and customized poly bench designs so you can meet your client’s various needs.

3.Poly Tables


Poly tables do what metal and wooden tables do. But they are more efficient because of the characteristics of the main material. Poly tables require little maintenance and can withstand the elements better. Additionally, they are resistant to corrosion, cracking, and breaking.

These qualities make the poly side tables ideal for multiple outdoor settings. Therefore, you can easily put them on display for long-term sales. Additionally, we customize to help you succeed in seasonal sales and draw in a different clientele.

We are committed to high-quality craftsmanship and strong materials. Through this, your business becomes a trusted supplier of poly tables for various needs.

4.Poly Swing


Similar to adirondack chairs, poly swings are an outdoor relaxation accessory. They are waterproof and handle weather changes well. And, the poly lumber makes the swings resistant to fading from sun exposure.

We build tough poly swings that can withstand pressure and weight. They are ideal for multiple applications. Therefore, you can get your business in the front line of numerous end consumer needs.

Our poly swings are environmentally-friendly. Additionally, they are long-lasting, making them ideal for long-term selling. We make poly swings in various colors so you can meet the needs of your multiple clients. It also sets you up for seasonal sales.

5.Poly Outdoor Dining Set

outdoor table

Traditional dining sets are wooden. Wood is a favored furniture-making material because it offers a timeless, classy look. Additionally, it is associated with prominence. However, poly outdoor sets are taking over.

Poly outdoor sets have all the good qualities of wood. However, they are also water-resistant, which allows long-lasting use. In addition, they are not susceptible to breaking or cracking. Therefore, they can withstand pressure well.

Our poly outdoor dining sets come in different colors, sizes, and designs. Therefore, your business will reach multiple end consumers with individual needs. Your business will become a trusted supplier of outdoor poly dining sets.

6.Poly Side Tables & Stools


Wood is a good material that creates beautiful side tables and stools for the poolside. The same goes for metal. However, they sustain two problems; heat absorption and moisture leaching. Metal absorbs heat, making the furniture too hot for lounging.

Additionally, metal rusts over time and the corrosion damages the furniture. Finally, wood absorbs moisture and starts to rot. This makes the furniture more susceptible to cracking, breaking, and weakening.

Our poly poolside tables, stools, and even footstools come from poly lumber. Therefore, they are resistant to moisture absorption. In addition, our long-lasting items come in multiple colors and designs to help you meet client needs.

7.Poly Sofa

Poly sofas are popular among bistros and outdoor spaces. These sofas are ideal for the outdoors because they are water-resistant and can withstand regular exposure to sun rays without fading or warping.

Moreover, poly sofas are environmentally friendly. We make high-quality poly sofas, so your business becomes a trusted supplier of the best poly furniture. Our poly sofas can withstand weight, pressure, and harsh weather.

We customize our designs and colors so your business can attract clients with different needs. In addition, they are low-maintenance, so you can confidently have them for long-term and seasonal sales with little effort.

8.Adirondack Bistro Set


And finally, adirondack bistro sets are becoming popular in large and small bistros. Our poly adirondack bistro sets are water-resistant and can withstand sun exposure without fading, warping, or breaking.

Therefore, you can confidently put them on sale long-term with no chances of damage. Our color and design customization also helps you match the theme of seasonal sales. Additionally, it helps your business reach clients with different needs.

Our adirondack bistro sets will help your business build a reputation as a trusted poly set supplier in your community. Therefore, contact our team today to help your business reach its fullest potential.

How is Poly Furniture Made?

Our poly furniture production consists of three main stages.

1.Raw material collection and preparation


First, we collect and prepare the primary raw material. We source the HDPE plastic from empty containers and bottles. We wash the recycled containers and dry them. Then we grind them up and squeeze the plastic out as tiny beads.

We store the beads in silos when they are not in use. Otherwise, we pass the beads through an extruder to add coloring and UV stabilizer. This makes the beads ideal for the creation of tough poly lumber.

2.Poly furniture production

The second stage is the poly furniture production stage. It has several processes:

  • Forming plastic plates. The first stage in poly furniture production is forming the plastic plates or poly lumber. Changing the beads into poly lumber makes it easy to cut, mold, and shape them into ideal furniture pieces for different functions. Next, we form plastic plates with the help of machines. Each plastic plate undergoes careful inspection to ensure correct color consistency. Additionally, inspectors check for thickness and potential defects.
  • The molding process involves shaping the lumber to create the various furniture parts. For example, poly tables and chairs require leg molding.
  • Polishing the molded parts gives a beautiful look to the pieces. In addition, it ensures that the furniture retains natural beauty over time.
  • The cutting separates waste from the essential pieces. It readies them for assembly.
  • Hole drilling. And finally, hole drilling creates the various holes needed for assembling different pieces. We are careful to create perfect fitting holes for sturdy results.

3.Packing and shipping


And finally, we pack the various furniture pieces and instructions and ship them to various locations. This simple process creates everything from Adirondack chairs to bistro sets.

Looking For A Poly Furniture Manufacturer? You Are In The Right Place!


We are the leading manufacturer of premium quality outdoor poly furniture in our community. Your business will receive high-quality poly furniture at an affordable price. Through our partnership, your business will become a trusted poly furniture supplier.

We have many characteristics that set us apart from other poly manufacturing companies. However, we are proud of 3 particular qualities:

Strict control over details.

When it comes to details, we are alert and strict. Nothing goes over our heads because we know the details make all the difference. Therefore, whether we are making standard designs or customized ones, rest assured that our mission is to make them perfect. All lumber undergoes heavy inspection before molding and cutting to ensure that the quality is high. Similarly, finished products undergo inspection for approval of distribution.

15-year history

We have a rich history in the poly lumber industry. Therefore, working with us is choosing experience. We know how to create various pieces. Time has also taught us how to serve our business better. Therefore, expect excellent customer service and the opportunity to make your business grow. Our experience makes us better positioned to help your business serve end consumers.

Better supply chain

And finally, when you choose us as your primary poly furniture manufacturer, you will receive a better supply chain. Our professionalism has pushed us to improve our processes. We seek efficiency and perfection in everything we do. This also applies to the supply chain. We are strict with time, order information, and other vital factors in the shipping process. Expect no delays or unforeseen problems because we go out of our way to ensure every delivery executes smoothly.

So call us today to enjoy these and other benefits. Let us help your business grow a trusted reputation.

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