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How to Choose the Right Adirondack Chair For You

What is an Adirondack Chair?

An Adirondack chair is a recliner seat that appears in different outdoor settings, including restaurants, residential outdoor spaces, and other commercial outdoor areas. The classic design of this chair features wide armrests and a tall slatted back with a seat that slopes backward. The chair sits low on the ground thanks to the short legs making it an ideal lounge chair.

The primary design of this chair dates to the early 1900s through Thomas Lee. He designed the chair to meet the roughness of the Adirondack Mountains while providing comfort. He gave the idea to his friend Harry Bunnel, who began production with wood.

Today, the Adirondack chair comes in multiple designs, all tied to the first one. Additionally, manufacturers use other materials to craft the chair, including metal and synthetic.

Adirondack chair

What Is So Special About Adirondack Chairs?

A quick search about Adirondack chairs will tell you that they are the staple of luxury outdoor living. These chairs prove that they are comfortable and ideal for any outdoor setting.

Some remain skeptical about their capabilities but years of advancements and existence say otherwise. What is so special about them? We have broken the answer down into four main points.

  • Perfect for any terrain.The creator of the Adirondack chair Thomas Lee wanted a comfortable chair that could withstand the rough terrain of the Adirondack Mountains. The Adirondack chair’s design is ideal for any terrain, thanks to this primary need. That is why you can find them in mountain cabins, beach houses, concrete patios, wooden decks, and everything in between.
  • Artistic yet functional.Many designers and furniture experts have admitted that the Adirondack chair combines aesthetics and practicality. The visuals are simple, classy, and alluring. They fit into modern and traditional settings easily. Additionally, this chair is functional; it comfortably accommodates people of different ages.
  • The ideal lounge recliner. Another reason why this chair is so great is its recliner lounge capabilities. The Adirondack chair has a sloped seat that forces the user to sit back and relax. The back and wide seat offer excellent support for different people. The wide armrests are ideal for placing a drink or snack so consumers can lounge comfortably. The design offers support for the knees so consumers can sit up easily.
  • Consumers can use it with cushions and pillows.The contoured design of this chair makes it easier to recline. But it also means that consumers can use cushions and pillows for a luxurious padded feel. This feature expands the range of customers that Adirondack chairs serve.
Adirondack chair

Choose the Right Material for Your Adirondack Chair

Manufacturers use various materials to make Adirondack chairs today. It is vital to access these materials, to pick the right one.

An important note worth consideration is that Adirondack chairs are primarily for outdoor use. Thus, the materials should withstand the elements and threats of outdoor living. Below is a guide on favored materials for Adirondack chairs.


Teak is a favored wood for outdoor furniture for its visuals and properties. It has a golden brown color that appeals to many. Plus, it ages well.


  • Teak is highly durable. This is thanks to its high oil content and the tight wood grain that makes it withstand sun and rain exposure well.
  • Many manufacturers like teak because it is easy to work withand thus can easily transform into beautiful Adirondack chairs.
  • The high oil content also makes teakimmune to rotting. The oils also act as a natural insect repellent, preventing termite damage.


  • Teak is a well-performing timber making it expensive. Purchasing teak Adirondack chairs is costly upfront.
  • Teak is also hard to come by. This slow-growing wood is not easy to harvest. Thus it is a scarce commodityin high demand. Scarcity has, unfortunately, led to a market full of knock-off teak furniture.
  • You will need to sand and polish the teak to bring it back to its natural warm browns after it naturally weathers into a silvery grey.


Aluminum is a strong metal with high malleability and weather resistance that creates beautiful Adirondack chairs.


  • Aluminum does not rust.Even with consistent moisture exposure, the aluminum chair will not show rusting.
  • This strong metal is also difficult to bend or break,making it ideal for high-strength applications such as building chairs.
  • It is also lightweight, making it easy to move the chair.


  • The biggest con of aluminum is corrosion. It is different from rust and forms on aluminum when it is exposed to moisture with high salt content. It can also occur with exposure to chlorine, such as in pool water.
  • The lightweight nature is also a disadvantage because the wind could destroy the furniture.

Injection Molded Plastic

Injection-molded plastic furniture sees heating plastic pellets and then forcing the molten plastic into a double-sided 3D mold using a high-pressure injection tool.


  • Injection-molded plastic chairs are more affordable in large quantitiesthan other types of furniture. There is an opportunity for good deals.
  • Manufacturers also love this method because it can easily create detailed and custom designs. It is also ideal for makingrepeatable designs.
  • The process also has alow-waste advantage as the material is recycled for future use.


  • The upfront cost for fewer quantities is high because injection molding requires design, testing, and prototyping.
  • There are also restrictions on the sizedepending on the machine’s capability. Thus, some customized designs may be impossible to achieve.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Lumber

Poly lumber comes from high-density polyethylene or HDPE. It is a plastic that undergoes processing to become poly or plastic lumber.


  • While it sounds impossible, HDPE furniture is environmentally friendly. Most manufacturers use recycled plastic, and all waste goes back into manufacturing. Additionally, the furniture is recyclable.
  • HDPE furniture is also easy to maintain. It needs only soap and water.
  • This furniture is also resistant to the weather. Its synthetic properties make it effortlessly resistant to sun and rain exposure.
  • HDPE furniture is also heavy, making them resistant to strong winds.


  • Poly furniture is more expensive than other plasticsdespite them coming from recycled materials. Recycling is expensive, and this goes into the cost of the products.
  • Poly furniture is also heavy. The dense nature of HDPE produces heavy items. It would need two people to move an Adirondack chair.
Poly outdoor furniture-Adirondack chair

Choose the Right Height and Size for Your Adirondack Chair

Even with preferred materials, there is still the issue of height and size. Manufacturers have modified the original design, resulting in various pieces suited for different people. Therefore, the standard size is not ideal for everyone.

End consumers must consider the size and dimensions of the chair per their needs before buying an Adirondack chair. The information below should help with this.


An Adirondack chair can range anywhere between 36 and 42 inches tall, with seat heights of 14 to 16 inches. It makes sense for shorter people to purchase low chairs. This will prevent leg swinging and offer sufficient support for the back of the knees.

If you are 5’5 and below, you will enjoy a seat of 14 inches in height. Taller people up to 5’10 should purchase a seat 15 inches tall and above. If you are 6’0 and above, go for 16 inches and taller if you can customize.


The width of Adirondack chairs can be anywhere between 30 and 34 inches wide. It is sensible to buy the broader chair if you are curvier in the hips and thighs. Bigger chairs are also better for people with a big body as they offer better support. The broader seats have more sitting space.

Another factor that influences the choice of width is the chair’s intention. You should benefit from a wider seat if you plan to fit two kids on the chair.


Design and Style

Manufacturers have added modern twists to the classic design. The twists serve a broader range of people.

Two-Person Adirondack Chair

The two-person Adirondack chair is an exciting design twist that accommodates two people. It has a wider seat with a twin back. This design is great for accommodating more people, including young children.

Adirondack Chairs-two seats

Adirondack Chairs with Ottomans

This is just an addition, but it makes all the difference. It is an Adirondack chair with an ottoman for resting your legs. It helps keep seniors and people with mobility issues comfortable. Users can even pad the ottoman with cushions.

Adirondack Chairs with Ottomans

Folding Adirondack Chair

The folding Adirondack chair is an ideal space saver. If you have small spaces, this design is ideal because you can store any chairs you do not use.


Rocking Adirondack Chair

The rocking Adirondack chair has rocking legs ideal for comfortable rocking. Users with babies will enjoy the rocking motion with adequate back support. The rocking chair is also suitable for senior adults.

TORVA Modern Outdoor Rocking Adirondack Chair

Rounded Slat Adirondack Chair

Another common design change in the Adirondack chair is the rounded slats. Manufacturers make the back slats rounded and level. Others create an aesthetically appealing symmetrical look.


Patio Space

The patio space is essential in picking the right size Adirondack chair. Since they come in various sizes, you must measure your space well before buying the chairs. Experts recommend placing the Adirondack chairs two feet apart. Then, ensure that you leave three to four feet in front of the chair for easy movement.

Choose the Best Color Scheme and Style For your Patio


Adirondack chairs come in a variety of colors, depending on the material. Poly lumber has the widest variety of colors, so consumers can find unique and customized colors. Wood is limited in shades of brown and will thus require painting.

Unfortunately, this could mean additional maintenance work to keep the color. Metal will also require painting away from metallic shades. Selecting a color scheme should align with practicality and your needs.

If the chairs will go near the garden, select colors that blend with the vegetative background. The same goes for different outdoor settings. Users should select colors representing the establishment for corporate and commercial uses. Users could also narrow it down to likable colors and select perfect pairings.

Features and Accessories

Some Adirondack chairs come with extra features and accessories. Consumers can opt for these features for convenience. They include:

Cup Holders

Some Adirondack chairs come with cup holders. This will help consumers hold cups, wine glasses, and other containers for a hydrated lounging experience.


Bottle Holders

Some Adirondack chairs also have storage space on the side for placing large bottles. You can store cold water and drinks near the chairs to avoid movement when hosting.


Side Table

Some Adirondack chairs come connected with a side table. This feature makes it easy to eat and drink, with adequate space for both users.


Drawer/Storage Space

Manufacturers also make Adirondack chairs with storage space as pull-out drawers. They are often attached to the seat or below it.


Best Poly Furniture Brands

Poly furniture is a thriving market, so many brands are popping up. The best in the business are:


If you have never heard about POLYWOOD, you will be delighted to know that this is the top poly furniture brand globally. The company manufactures its own lumber and even has an on-site recycling plant.

Trex Outdoor Furniture

This brand uses POLYWOOD® recycled lumber to make all-weather outdoor sets. The brand offers a 20-year warranty and is dedicated to sustainable processes.

Amish Yard

The brand produces high-quality furniture and lumber for building decks and even barns. The brand partners with many Amish companies and has multiple good reviews.


And lastly, this brand produces a range of poly furniture, including Adirondack chairs, lounge furniture, bar furniture, garden benches, and more.

HDPE Outdoor Furniture

Final Thoughts

Picking a good Adirondack chair is all about focusing on the specifics. End consumers need to be mindful of the features of the Adirondack chair before purchase. With many end consumers reaching for these chairs, retailers can take advantage by stocking up to meet the demand.

If you are a retailer ready to burst into the market, we hope you consider us your primary supplier of Adirondack chairs. We use high-quality HDPE to make our Adirondack chairs. Partner with us today for a seamless supply chain.

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