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Is Outdoor Patio Furniture Waterproof?

Did you recently buy a set of outdoor patio furniture? Or are you considering getting one soon? Surely, you must have imagined if it is safe to leave this set outside under the rain. You must have also inquired if the set is waterproof or not. You are right to carry out these inquiries. As a furniture manufacturing company, we understand the worries of leaving your outdoor patio furniture outside in the rain. A decent set of outdoor patio furniture could cost a fortune, this is enough reason to want to maintain them properly. Maintenance could vary depending on the material your outdoor patio furniture was made from. In the same vein, the material of your outdoor patio furniture also takes a big toll on its durability.

Some manufacturers claim that outdoor patio furniture could last a lifetime. However, without proper maintenance, it becomes a myth. Maintaining your outdoor patio furniture is more than just wiping it off or dusting it. The weather can affect your outdoor patio furniture, especially when it is raining. This is why aspiring outdoor patio furniture owners and retailers are particular about the nature of this set. Its outdoor patio furniture? They may not be entirely waterproof, but certainly, they are water-resistant. The difference is that as water-resistant furniture, spills or drops of water may not affect it. However, if it is waterproof, it can stay in the rain for however long without any damage. Sadly, no outdoor patio furniture is 100% waterproof. Still, as we said earlier, the material of your outdoor patio furniture determines its durability as it determines how long it can survive water damage.

What are the popular materials for outdoor patio furniture?

Outdoor patio furniture can be made from a lot of materials. Though we no longer see some particular materials as outdoor patio furniture, as these materials are out of trend and not very suitable for outdoor patio furniture. However, some materials are very common and popular as outdoor patio furniture. Below is a list of popular materials for outdoor patio furniture.

  • Hardwood or Teak.
  • Aluminium
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Lumber.
  • Wicker
  • Rattan

Is Hardwood or Teak Outdoor Patio Furniture Waterproof?

Hardwood or teak is suitable for outdoor patio furniture as it has a range of weatherproof qualities. In addition, it is a natural material. Hardwood or teak will easily blend into your outdoor setting. Also, it has a very low impact on the environment as it is a sustainable material, even though it is not always so. More so, hardwood is not a good thermal conductor. In other words, your hardwood or teak outdoor patio furniture doesn’t get too hot or too cold no matter how intense the weather may get.

If you are considering getting hardwood or teak outdoor patio furniture, you should check for the ones that are resistant to liquid and spills and has a high oil content. In addition, it must be sturdy. Unlike softwood, which is a better option for indoor furniture, hardwood is produced from slow-growing trees. The wood from slow-growing trees is dense, implying that they are resistant to water and moisture.

Teak is one of the most renowned and popular materials for outdoor patio furniture. It is well known for its sturdiness, durability, and aesthetic quality. Teak is obtained from very slow-growing trees with very dense and tough wood. The wood grains in teak are tightly packed together, making it very difficult for water and moisture to get through it. In addition, it makes it resistant to rot and cold frost. Teak has a high oil content. The high oil content contributes to the wood’s moisture-resistant quality and offers protection from the sun. Teak is not entirely waterproof or weatherproof. Regardless, the effect of water and weather on it slowly affects it over time. In a kind climate, teak outdoor patio furniture could last for generations.


Is Aluminum Outdoor Patio Furniture Waterproof?

Metal is the strongest and most durable material for outdoor patio furniture. This is because of the strength of metals. In addition, they can be cut into thinner frames and various structures, which massively contributes to their strength. However, are metal outdoor patio furniture waterproof? It is basic knowledge that water and metal are not so compatible as there are risks of rust and corrosion. However, this does not apply to all metal materials. Aluminum, for example, is impervious to rust, rot, and corrosion. In addition, they require little to no maintenance.

Aluminum is a popular material for making outdoor patio furniture. It is the most popular metal used for outdoor patio furniture. Aside from the durability of aluminium outdoor patio furniture, it is well known for its low maintenance and lightweight. More so, it is inexpensive to acquire. Aluminium, in general, is naturally resistant to weather. However, coating it with polyester powder strengthens its weather resistance. Coating your aluminum outdoor patio furniture with polyester powder doesn’t only protect it from the elements of weather but also prevents scratch. In addition, this coating allows you to change the color mix of your outdoor patio furniture.

Aluminum can be very good water-resistant, but like every other metal, it is a good heat absorbent. This means aluminum easily heats up when it’s left outside on sunny days. However, you can counter this challenge by placing a cushioned seat on your aluminum outdoor patio furniture.

Is HDPE Outdoor Patio Furniture Waterproof?

HDPE Lumber is an acronym for High-Density Polyethylene Lumber. This material is very popular, and it is, in fact, the overall best material for outdoor patio furniture. HDPE lumber is a synthetic material obtained from plastic. This material is very popular for its durability, sturdiness, stylishness, and of course, its resistance to weather and rot. In addition, it is a very environmentally friendly material. Though, they are not as environmentally friendly as they used to be when they first came into the market. Regardless there are still very good HDPE lumber outdoor patio furniture that meets all the quality and standards of the first generation of HDPE lumber outdoor patio furniture. At Ningbo Shiheng Import & Export Co. Ltd., you will find some of the best HDPE lumber outdoor patio furniture.

As we mentioned earlier, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lumber is a synthetic material that originated from plastic, but we didn’t mention that this material appears like wood. However, they are two different materials with distinguishing properties and characteristics. This material is synthetic. It has gone through a series of processing. During the manufacturing process of HDPE lumber, it is melted. However, in its melted state, it remains solid and nonporous. In this melted state, other elements are incorporated to give it the strength, resistance, and quality it has.

If you want to purchase a set of outdoor patio furniture, the HDPE lumber outdoor patio furniture is the best choice. This outdoor patio furniture material is a very good investment; it could last a lifetime and requires minimal maintenance. HDPE lumber contributes greatly to the aesthetic quality of your home as it can be painted in different colors and patterns. In addition, this material does not peel or chip, so there is no need for repainting or staining. With this, you can rest assured that it will maintain its beauty forever. Also, HDPE lumber is resistant to weather elements. This means your HDPE lumber outdoor patio furniture can sit all year outdoors. More so, water, moisture, and heat do not affect it. In other words, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lumber is a reliable water-resistant outdoor patio furniture.

Typical HDPE outdoor Furniture

Is Wicker Outdoor Patio Furniture Waterproof?

Wicker is also a synthetic material. This one is made from polyethylene resin. There is natural wicker in the form of bamboo, Rattan, seagrass, banana leaf, willow, etc. However, the natural wicker cannot beat the standards of the synthetic wicker in outdoor patio furniture. The natural wicker is more aesthetically pleasing than synthetic rubber and even stronger than synthetic rubber. However, it is vulnerable to water, humidity, and moisture damage, while synthetic wicker is immune to all these conditions. While the natural wicker might be a suitable option for indoor furniture, it is a bad choice for outdoor patio furniture. So, if you are considering getting a wicker outdoor patio furniture, synthetic wicker is the best option.

The synthetic wicker is sometimes called all-weather wicker. This tells you that synthetic wicker will remain the same in any weather. Synthetic wicker is a very reliable weather-resistant material for outdoor patio furniture. In addition, it is environmentally friendly. The synthetic wicker shares similar qualities with the High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lumber. They are highly resistant to weather elements, easy to maintain, durable, and have a natural look. However, the synthetic resin is better weather-resistant material than HDPE, but overall, HDPE beats it.

Furthermore, the synthetic wicker follows almost the same manufacturing process as HDPE lumber and is also very dense and nonporous like HDPE lumber. In essence, the synthetic wicker outdoor patio furniture is good waterproof. Still, in most cases, wicker outdoor patio furniture is supported by metal frames as wicker is a very light material.


Is Rattan Outdoor Patio Furniture Waterproof?

Rattan outdoor patio furniture is very pleasing to the eyes. It is made from a natural material and woven to give your home a classic and contemporary look. The texture, shape, and tone of rattan outdoor patio furniture allow for better relaxation. Now that we have established how comfortable this outdoor patio furniture may be, the next factor to consider is its durability. How durable is the rattan outdoor patio furniture? How long can it survive outdoors? Is rattan outdoor patio furniture waterproof?

To start with, Rattan is an organic material. It is a product of fast-growing tropical trees. Given that it is obtained from a fast-growing tree, you already know what to expect. The wood is processed and woven together to arrive at the rattan structure. Rattan outdoor patio furniture is a viable option for outdoor patio furniture, given that it is from a fast-growing tree. Now, the fact that this material is from a fast-growing tree is as much a disadvantage as it is an advantage. Fast-growing trees have loosely packed wood grains. This has a major effect on the water-resistance of this material. Water, moisture, and humidity can easily seep in. It is vulnerable to damage from liquids in general. In the same vein, it is at great risk when exposed to sunlight and wind for a long time.

When water or humidity seeps into the rattan outdoor patio furniture, it becomes moist, which can most likely result in rot and mildew. On exposure to wind and sunlight, it dries out quickly and becomes brittle. When this happens over time, your rattan outdoor patio furniture begins to sheer, lose quality, and lose shape and form. However, you can make your rattan outdoor patio furniture less vulnerable to weather elements. Painting your rattan outdoor patio furniture reduces the damage of weather elements on it. In conclusion, Rattan is not a good waterproof outdoor patio furniture. However, it makes good outdoor patio furniture if it is well sheltered.



Though many manufacturers may claim that their outdoor patio furniture is waterproof, like we said earlier, there is no outdoor patio furniture that is 100% waterproof. Instead, what we have is water-resistant outdoor patio furniture. Similarly, the material your outdoor patio furniture is made from determines how well it can withstand water and moisture before it damages. In addition, proper maintenance of your outdoor patio furniture will make it more durable and resilient to damage from water and moisture.

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