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Is Poly Furniture the Same as HDPE Furniture?

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly option that still allows you to fit your home with decorative furniture without breaking the bank? Maybe you’re ready to start shopping for some high-quality, stylish, and durable furniture. Whatever the reason may be, you may want to consider poly furniture and upon hearing the different terms used for patio furniture such as Poly Furniture, HDPE furniture, and composite furniture, you might be wondering if they are the same or not.

In this short guide, we’ll help you understand both terms, Poly furniture and HDPE furniture and if they are the same or not?

Poly Furniture vs. HDPE Furniture: Are They Same?

Before you confuse HDPE with the low quality and lighter polypropylene, let’s clarify that HDPE is NOT your ordinary run-out-of-the-mill plastic. It’s a high-grade and stronger material that is very durable. Let’s know about both materials one by one.


HDPE stands for “High-Density Polyethylene”. “Poly” is the short form!

HDPE possesses chemical properties similar to paraffin or wax and the malleable quality of the material makes it a perfect fit for processing it into poly lumber. HDPE plastic is used in a broad range of products. Furniture, toys, and food containers, for instance.

Poly lumber, later on, is then crafted into poly outdoor furniture.

Poly Lumber:

Poly furniture is all-weather outdoor and patio furniture that is solid and colored throughout. Its durable lumber is made from repurposed high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is the same material used to create milk jugs, bottle caps, and detergent bottles. In fact, the poly lumber is made from recycled HDPE that comes from discarded water jugs and milk bottles. Using recycled HDPE is like giving a new life to the already used plastic and removing the clutter from the landfill.

It’s way more durable and scratch-resistant.

Hence, we can say poly furniture and HDPE furniture are the same.

HDPE Furniture Manufacturing Procedure at a Glance

As mentioned earlier, HDPE furniture is made from recycled HDPE material.

So, first of all, tons of post-consumer plastic are collected from the removal companies. The plastic is then separated by color and type. The next steps involve thorough washing, shredding, grinding, and palletizing so that the material melts smoothly in the recycling plant.

The recycled HDPE is then mixed with colorant, UV-inhibitors, and stabilizers. The mixture is then melted at extreme heat and a foaming agent is then applied that creates the wood-like texture.

The colored HDPE boards produced after the high melting procedure are then crafted into furniture pieces that are robust, shiny, and eco-friendly.

The Perks of HDPE Furniture

HDPE Furniture

HDPE is a recyclable commodity plastic that is used in a varied range of applications in a high volume. So, definitely, there are some benefits that make HDPE the number one choice. Let’s know about some of the perks of HDPE furniture.

  • HDPE furniture is engineered to be low-maintenance and long-lasting.
  • It’s weather-resistant. Due to the high melting points of HDPE material the furniture will remain rigid even in high temperatures. Similarly, it also won’t brittle at low temperatures.
  • HDPE furniture has color mixed in throughout its construction. Hence, no touch-ups or repaints are required.
  • HDPE furniture is waterproof and moisture resistant.
  • It’s not only environment friendly but also home décor friendly and available in several different colors to match the interior or exterior setting of your home.

Composite Lumber is NOT the Same as Poly Lumber

Composite lumber is a term that is more often used synonymously with poly lumber. They are different materials, though. Here’s how:

Poly lumber is formulated 100% from plastics and is mainly used for building furniture. On the other hand, Composite lumber is a combination of wood pulp and plastic. They are widely used in the building industry for decking and fencing.


Q1.How much of the plastic lumber in the poly furniture is recycled?

Ans. Genuine poly lumber contains a good 99% of recycled high-density polyethylene plastic. The other 1% contains light stable pigments, stabilizers, and UV inhibitors that allow the color of the material to stay bright and vibrant season after season.

Q2. What is HDPE?

Ans. HDPE is a linear hydrocarbon polymer. This plastic is widely used in products like milk jugs, beverage bottles, and pharmaceutical containers for its exceptional durability and infinite recyclability. It’s one of the most used plastics all over the world.

Q3. Does Poly lumber contain wood or natural fibers?

Ans. No, poly lumber does not contain wood or natural fibers in its composition. Instead, poly lumber is made of ocean-bound and land-filled bound HDPE recycled plastic that mimics the wood-like look.

Q4. Does the HDPE material fade?

Ans. No, HDPE contains UV-inhibiting pigment in its composition that keeps the colors with their original vibrancy for years to come.

Q5. Can you sand the Poly lumber?

Ans. You should not sand the poly lumber in any circumstances for it will scratch the surface of the material and also void the warranty of the product.

Q6. Can poly furniture be painted?

Ans. When you buy poly furniture, it has the specialty that its color runs continuously throughout the material and won’t fade away. So you won’t feel the need to paint the poly furniture and we also don’t recommend painting it.

Q7. Is HDPE furniture recyclable?

Ans. Yes, the properties that give HDPE an edge over the rest of Patio furniture materials are its durability and infinite recyclability.


Poly has a lot of benefits that are very attractive to budget shoppers who demand value and durability from their purchases.

The truth is that more people are turning to HDPE outdoor furniture these days when they want the best in modern design as they know that they can get a stylish look that will last for years. With HDPE furniture, you’ll be able to create a look that works within any space you choose.

Sit, relax and enjoy your new eco-friendly furniture.

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