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Review: Reasons You'll Love HDPE Outdoor Furniture

Most people have now discovered HDPE or poly furniture as a sustainable and durable option for outdoor settings. And if you have not, you will love all the benefits of this lovely furniture choice.

Poly furniture can look like natural wood, even though manufacturers make it from recycled plastic. Milk jugs, detergent bottles, and egg trays undergo a cleansing recycling process to create the lumber manufacturers use to make this type of furniture.

Therefore, you can find a wide range of furniture options, including Adirondack chairs, stools, couches, daybeds, benches, and footrests.

But it is not just about durability; end consumers have many reasons why they love and use poly furniture frequently. The information below is a detailed list of why you will love HDPE outdoor furniture.

It touches on qualities of longevity, environmentally friendliness, and thematic blending, among others. So if you need more convincing on picking poly furniture for your outdoor setup, keep scrolling.

Why You Will Love HDPE Outdoor Furniture

Poly Furniture Is Watertight

The first thing you will love about poly furniture is its waterproof capabilities. Manufacturers use high-density polyethylene or HDPE to make this type of furniture. This plastic is highly resistant to water, solving all the problems other furniture materials face.

When it rains, your furniture will not absorb any water. It will remain dry, and all you have to do is wipe the surfaces to make them ready for use again. People who have been in the HDPE furniture game for a long time know to store their furniture tilted against something to let the water drain and prevent dealing with water stains.

HDPE Furniture Is Cool To The Touch

Another essential but small perk of poly furniture is cool to the touch. Even under consistent sun exposure, HDPE does not retain heat, making the furniture pieces ideal for use outside on sunny days.

Metal has this problem, making the surfaces hot and unstable since they can burn. But HDPE remains cool and safe, so you do not have to sacrifice your seat when temperatures go high. Therefore, poly furniture is ideal for summer settings, so if you are thinking of setting up a grilling space in the summer, ensure your guests will have comfortable HDPE furniture.

Poly Furniture Is Non-Fading

Most people are concerned about their furniture fading; after all, plastic has a reputation for fading or discoloration when exposed to the sun for too long. But, you do not have to worry about your poly furniture fading because it undergoes a careful manufacturing process that prevents this.

Manufacturers treat the poly lumber with UV-inhibiting pigments that prevent fading due to sun exposure. In addition, coloring the material is a specialized process that ensures the color is constant throughout the lumber plank, making it harder to lose its color.

Therefore, rest assured that your furniture will look just as bright in years.

HDPE Furniture Is Sturdy

Just because the lumber was once a collection of milk jugs does not mean you will break the chair when you sit or stand on it. Plastic is not the sturdiest of materials, but poly furniture differs thanks to the sturdy structure of HDPE.

Many manufacturers use HDPE because it is sturdy and creates durable containers and items. Poly furniture is no different. Poly lumber is strong and can withstand weight and pressure effectively. Therefore, you can stand on the stools and sit in the chairs comfortably; they will not break or bend.

Poly Furniture Does Not Crack Or Chip

HDPE is a tough and resistant material that mimics wood but does not have all the disadvantages of the material. When wood absorbs water, it can dry unevenly, bending and warping in various parts. Similarly, the material becomes weak and prone to breaking.

Poly lumber does not absorb water; therefore, it will not bend or crack due to water exposure. Similarly, consistent sun exposure does not make the material brittle. It will remain structurally strong even with constant exposure, especially during summer. Expect no repairs during this time.

HDPE Furniture Is Resistant To Insect Damage

Another advantage of HDPE furniture is that it is resistant to insect damage. One of the things you will have to face when you get wood furniture is insect damage. Some types of wood do not naturally repel insects.

Termites make holes into the furniture and use the wood fibers for nutrients. It makes the pieces weak and prone to breaking, but HDPE is impenetrable to insects. Therefore, your furniture pieces will not be susceptible to damage. The most you have to worry about is finding the insects walking on the furniture, but you can clean this with water.

Poly Furniture Does Not Support Mold Growth

Mold growth is inevitable under the right conditions. Mold thrives in damp, humid, and wet conditions with warmth. That is why you will often find it growing on the legs and undersides of outdoor wood furniture, especially after rain.

Mold remediation is not easy and will cost you some money. But you can avoid this by picking HDPE furniture for your outdoor setting. This type of furniture has a long-lasting finish that does not provide food for mold, thus discouraging its growth. Even with suitable environmental conditions, poly furniture is not susceptible to mold growth.

HDPE Furniture Is Eco Friendly

It sounds unreal, but it is true; poly furniture is environmentally friendly in more than one way. First, most manufacturers use recycled plastic to make lumber. This spares the plastic from ending up in landfills, which would demand more space to dispose of plastic.

It also means fewer chemicals leach into the ground since disposable does not happen. Next, recycling plastic uses less energy than making new plastic. Thirdly, the furniture can fit in larger quantities for shipping, reducing fuel consumption. And lastly, the furniture pieces are 100% recyclable.

Poly Furniture Is Easy To Maintain

Maintenance is the one thing end consumers try to avoid when buying any furniture. Therefore, HDPE furniture has a huge advantage since it does not demand a lot of maintenance. All you need is soap and warm water to clean the furniture at least once a month.

Water stains are easy to get rid of, and the furniture is resistant to mold, so maintenance should be easy. You can use a soft brush to deal with any mud on the legs or dirt that may have been caked on the surface. There is no need for harsh abrasives or solvents.

HDPE Furniture Is Versatile

Another significant advantage of HDPE furniture is its versatility. HDPE furniture pieces first come in a variety of color options. The color choices are endless when dealing with poly furniture. You can get various shades of the same color to best match your theme.

Another advantage is the availability of pieces and variations of style. For example, you can find more than five types of Adirondack chairs. The creative teams of poly furniture manufacturers are constantly releasing new designs to best suit your needs. You can find chairs, daybeds, swings, and benches that will fit well in your space.

Poly Furniture Is Non-Toxic

One of the reasons manufacturers favor HDPE for food containers is its ability to fight off bacteria and resist reacting with other substances. Manufacturers use HDPE to make detergent bottles because it does not react to chemicals and solvents.

Therefore, it is an ideal plastic for making furniture, even for children. These furniture pieces are not toxic and cannot affect people, even those with sensitive skin. In fact, manufacturers constantly make poolside chairs and children’s playsets using poly lumber.

HDPE Furniture Is Affordable

Plastic furniture is always cheaper than luxurious wood and some metals. This is because the process is easy, and the materials are readily available. You can buy longer-lasting furniture for less compared to wood and other materials.

However, it is worth mentioning that recycled plastic furniture retails similar to new plastic. The recycling process can be expensive, thus its retail price. However, it is a worthy investment because it is still cheaper than wood, and you get an environmentally friendly set to boot.

Poly Furniture Is Resistant To Strong Winds

Next, this tough and durable furniture material is resistant to strong winds. When you think about poly furniture, it is easy to imagine chairs and tables getting carried or knocked down by strong winds.

But HDPE furniture differs because it is heavier than other plastics. Manufacturers make heavy poly furniture to ensure that the pieces are not susceptible to strong winds. Therefore, you can set your furniture confidently even during high wind season.

Poly Furniture Is Widely Available

Many manufacturers use recycled plastic to make high-quality HDPE furniture more than ever. This type of furniture is now widely available. Therefore, you just need to find a good retailer with a relationship with an excellent manufacturing company.

This way, you can make custom order requests. We are one of the leading manufacturers of HDPE furniture. We only use high-quality recycled HDPE and offer affordable prices. We welcome all retailers to partner with us today.

HDPE Furniture Requires Minimal Assembly

Like most furniture, HDPE comes in pieces, and you will have to assemble or hire someone to do it. But you can do it yourself because manufacturers go out of their way to make the pieces easy to assemble.

Most manufacturers reassemble the pieces as much as possible, so it will only require minimal assembly when they reach end consumers. We use customized boxes to ship as many items as possible already assembled, to facilitate fast and easy processes for end consumers.

Poly Furniture Is Resistant To Rust

Another thing you never have to worry about with HDPE outdoor furniture is cleaning off rust and corrosion. Some metal furniture retains corrosion after exposure to moisture and oxygen. It escalates quicker if the air has a high salt content.

When this happens, the metal discolors and becomes weaker at the point of corrosion and will require replacing soon. But HDPE is highly resistant to corrosion since it is not a metal. Therefore, a little rain on your furniture will not lead to rust formation on the surfaces.

Poly Furniture Is Long-Lasting

Poly furniture can last years without needing replacement or repairs. Most manufacturers give up to 20 years of warranty on these products because they are sturdy, resistant to weather, and highly resilient.

And together with the low cost of ownership, it is easy to understand why more consumers are turning to poly lumber for long-lasting outdoor furniture. So if you want an investment that will last for more than ten years, consider getting HDPE outdoor furniture.

HDPE Furniture Is Easy To Customize

If you are worried about your furniture not looking unique enough, poly lumber is the way to go. It is also the ideal place to get a customized piece of furniture if you have a design that you cannot find anywhere else.

HDPE is easy to mold, so manufacturers are often willing to create customized looks on requests–from colors to designs. Therefore, uniqueness should not be a problem. In fact, the internet is full of unique ideas you can incorporate into your setting. You can also check out reliable manufacturers such as ourselves for their unique catalogs.

Poly Furniture Is Resistant To Chemicals

And lastly, HDPE furniture is highly resistant to chemicals because of the firm structure of the material. One of the reasons manufacturers love HDPE is its ability to resist chemicals and most solvents.

Many bleach, detergent, and chemical bottles are HDPE since they will not react to the components. The same applies to HDPE furniture. It is resistant to most chemicals, and you can therefore worry less about spilling soap on bleach on the furniture.

However, it is good to note that constant exposure to harsh solvents can fade the surfaces. Additionally, HDPE is not resistant to every chemical. Therefore, do not clean or disinfect your furniture with harsh cleaning supplies. Mild liquid soap and water are fine. If you must disinfect, mix mild bleach with water and use a damp cloth to wipe the surfaces.

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