Rocking Chair: One of America's Favorite Chairs

Rocking Chair: One of America's Favorite Chairs

History Of The Rocking Chair

Pertaining to the invention of the rocking chair, there are a couple of claims. Benjamin Franklin was credited for the invention of the rocking chair in 1710. However, many claims that farmers and cabinet makers invented the chair. To this day, the facts on who really invented this chair remain unknown.

The original design of the chair seemingly reflects what we see today. The legs of the chair were two curved bands called rockers that touched the floor at two points. This is unlike a standard chair, with four touching points. The rockers let the user sway back and forth without falling off the chair. The back was tall and firm to provide back support.

It is sensible to believe that the first rocking chairs were used by mothers who needed a way to rock children to sleep while keeping their hands free from knitting. Other records say that rocking chairs were also used for relieving back aches and pains among farmers and manual workers.

Even President John F. Kennedy had a custom rocking chair in every room of the Whitehouse to aid with his chronic back pain.

Interestingly, it was not until 1787 that the word ‘rocking chair’ appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary. By the time it did, these chairs were long beloved and a part of almost every American backyard.

Why Are Rocking Chairs So Popular in America?

There is no doubt that rocking chairs are popular in America. Most people grew up with grandparents who had these seats in their backyard. Additionally, newborn parents are investing in them to help put their babies to sleep.

They are also popular among people with back issues and those who love the aesthetic appeal of the chair. If you are an end consumer who does not fall into the above categories, here are a few benefits that make these chairs popular and hopefully convince you to purchase one.

Rocking Chairs

A patio rocking chair could improve your mental health.

Studies show that spending time on a rocking chair frequently will help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety. This is because the calming and consistent rocking motion helps to release endorphins, which make you feel good and reduce stress.

Studies also show that dementia patients positively respond to rockers, and many note improved symptoms with regular use of rocking chairs.

Porch rocking chairs serve as exercise tools.

Seniors and those with limited mobility can use rocking chairs to exercise their muscles. You need to employ muscles to get the rocker moving and keep it in motion. Therefore, consistent use helps to loosen joints and strengthens the muscles. Seniors can burn many calories just by sitting on the rocking chair for an hour.

A modern rocking chair can put you to sleep.

Have insomnia issues? Well, a rocking chair might be what you need to finally fall asleep. There is a reason why babies fall asleep when they are rocked. The motion is soothing and helps you fall asleep faster. You could benefit from a rocking chair in your garden if you have insomnia issues.

Good rocking chairs give your back a break.

Slouching is not good for your back, so doctors are keen on good posture. If you have trouble with back issues because of posture, consider adding a garden rocking chair to help you straighten your back. It will help to stretch it out, keep it against firm support, and ease pain from bad posture.

The garden rocking chair is good post-surgery.

Your doctor should tell you that resuming normal bowel movements post-surgery can take a while. Patients sometimes develop bowel dysfunction post-surgery, leading to a lot of discomforts.

Studies show that post-surgery patients who use rockers resume normal bowel movements quicker. Additionally, improved blood circulation from rocking stimulates faster healing.

Seniors can improve their balance.

Balance is part of mobility, which is why seniors find it hard to balance. Your balance comes from the inner ear, and rocking can help you get a better balance. When you sit in the chair, you attain good posture. Then, the rocking motion activates the inner ear to stimulate better balance. With regular rocking, you will develop better balance.

The Complete Guide to Buying a Rocking Chair

So now that you need a rocking chair, you might be wondering if there are specific qualities you should be looking for. There are, and it can be hard to pick the right rocking chair if it is your first purchase.

To ensure you pick the right product for your space and needs, here is your detailed lesson on buying a rocking chair.

Popular Outdoor Rocking Chair Materials

There are multiple outdoor rocking chair materials for your consideration. Expect to meet with:

  • Metal rocking chairs

Metal rocking chairs are more popular than you would think. In fact, people like them because they are sturdy and can hold a lot of weight. Additionally, most metal rocking chairs have decorative elements since manufacturers find it easy to fashion them into chairs.

The only issue with metal rocking chairs outdoors is that they can be prone to the elements. If left in the sun for too long, they absorb heat, making them dangerous. Metals are also prone to rust or corrosion with exposure to moisture. However, they are heavy and hold well against strong winds.


  • Poly rocking chairs

Poly lumber is a sturdy material that easily replaces wood because of its durability and visuals. It looks like wood, without all the maintenance needs. Poly rocking chairs are favored for their availability in colors and unique designs. It is easy to color poly lumber, and manufacturers find it easy to cut and mold the material.

Poly rocking chairs are great for the outdoors because they easily resist the elements. They are resistant to moisture, heat from the sun, and wind. The chairs are surprisingly sturdy and resistant to the wind.

Rocking Chairs

  • Wood rocking chairs

Wood rocking chairs are the classic aesthetic. They are a timeless choice for the visuals and sturdiness. Good wood rocking chairs are resistant to insect damage and the elements. However, not all wood rocking chairs will offer this.

Some wood chairs are not resistant to the weather. They absorb moisture from precipitation, leading to warping. When the wood dries unevenly, it triggers cracking. Additionally, wood demands a lot of maintenance. But the materials do not get hot under the sun and look good in any setting.


The verdict: Poly rocking chairs are the best choice. They effortlessly resist the elements, require little maintenance, are strong, and can withstand various weights. Additionally, HDPE rocking chairs come in a variety of colors and designs.

Pick the Right Proportions

Considering the height and size of the rocking chair is necessary, especially if you have limited space or want to get multiple chairs. Rocking chairs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different people. You can even find kid-sized rocking chairs. Picking the right proportions should intertwine with your needs.

When you search for rocking chairs, you will find the standard height at 37 to 45 inches. This means that if you are shorter, you should aim for the lower seat. Lower heights will allow you to rock back and forth without tip-toeing. Taller people should go for longer heights to keep their legs in a natural position when rocking.

The depth of rocking chairs is 32 to 37 inches. When selecting the right depth, you need to sit in the chair. Ensure that the chair supports your back and bottom while allowing your legs to be in an unstrained position for rocking.

A child’s rocking chair should be 33.75 inches tall on the higher side. These are oversized chairs, so standard ones should be shorter. Their width should be 25.5 inches on the high side. Picking the right one for your child should also depend on their comfort.

The standard width of adult rocking chairs is 26-30 inches. Choosing the right width for your rocking chair depends on how much space you want on the chair. Wider means measurements mean more space. In addition, selecting the width also depends on how much space you have.

Rocking chairs should be placed 2 to 3 feet apart. Additionally, ensure that the chairs have space in front and back to facilitate comfortable rocking. Keeping the chairs apart will allow free movement in the designated space.

Select Your Style

There are different types of rocking chairs. Manufacturers have modified the initial design to offer variation for various clients. Today, you will find popular styles of rocking chairs, including:

  • Traditional Rocking Chair

The traditional rocking chair sticks to the original design of thin wood slats, two rockers, and a high back for support. Variations of this design show a little more artistry, but the original features are still there.

  • Modern Rocking Chairs

The modern rocking chairs are anything that strays from the traditional design. Relaxation comes easy in the Modern Adirondack Rocking Chair with its comfortably contoured seat and waterfall front. A sleek, contemporary Adirondack-style back paired with the relaxing motion of a rocking chair makes it the perfect addition to any outdoor area.


Choose Your Color Palette

Rocking chairs are all about comfort, and you want them to reflect with the color choice. If you go for HDPE rocking chairs, you will be pleased to find a wide range of color choices. But for the aesthetic appeal, we always insist on the following colors:

  • Teal. Teal reminds us of the ocean, which is why it is a great color for outdoor rocking chairs. It has that easy breezy appeal, guaranteed to simulate relaxation and make you feel closer to the ocean.
  • White. White offers a Mediterranean vibe, another aesthetic closely tied to relaxation and peace. White is great because the dazzling color reflects light, making the space look bigger and brighter.
  • Green. Green is all about being closer to nature, and that is what you will feel when you pick green rockers. The tasteful dark greens are ideal for garden settings, blending perfectly without being busy or attention-stealing.
  • Wood brown. Wood brown is for the minimalists and people who love natural looks. Wood brown sticks to the traditional aesthetic, effortlessly blending into any


Some rocking chairs come with accessories such as storage space, recliner functions, and cup holders. The choice of accessories often depends on your needs. For example, if you host people often, cup holders might come in handy to eliminate tables.

Additionally, the throw pillows and rugs are also an added advantage to make the place more appealing. Just ensure that they stick to the theme well.

When accessorizing, it is always good to keep it simple. Most times, creating an outdoor living space means making it accommodating and relaxing. Too many things will spread clutter, ruining the aesthetic of the area.

So, if you do not have the space for it, stick to simple designs for the rocking chairs and a few accessories. Similarly, remember to access the available space to get the best size rocking chair. And do not forget to look for options for the little ones.

Final Take

While rocking chairs on TV were closely associated with senior citizens, it does not mean the primary target market for these chairs is limited. After all, who would not enjoy comfortable rocking in the backyard with a good book, and warm weather?

But that is how most people learned about rocking chairs; from the older generation. The chair’s popularity remains years later because of its comfort. Additionally, it is functional for rocking babies and kids to sleep. Even adults doze off after a few minutes.

Today’s rocking chairs make appearances in commercial and residential outdoor spaces. Additionally, they have moved from wood to poly rocking chairs with variated designs. Be sure to follow this guide to pick the best rocking chair.

And for furniture business owners looking to improve sales, contact us for we know exactly what you need. Our company specializes in producing high-quality HDPE rocking chairs. We offer affordable prices and a smooth supply chain for convenience. Call to learn more about what we offer.

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