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The Buyer's Guide To Adirondack Chairs

Outdoor living was once unappreciated and ignored since people could roam the expanse of the world. One pandemic later, people were forced to remain distant in the safety of home to prevent the spreading of the virus.

This noble act by people worldwide inspired many to use all the available space they have. Thus outdoor living became relevant and beloved again. People went online to shop for furniture and ideas on revamping outdoor spaces.

The internet saw many posts; people sharing their small and large outdoor spaces. You would think that these spaces would be neglected and overshadowed with people getting to roam again. Luckily, it is not the case because people seem to have understood the value of home spaces.

A huge part of outdoor living is having the right furniture. Many items have stood out as staples for decorating an outdoor space and making it cozier. But none more than the Adirondack chair.

This stylish chair is a one-of-a-kind seat with an exciting history dating back to the early 1900s. But that’s a story for another day. Instead, we wish to indulge those who have never bought an Adirondack chair or are looking to buy new ones.

It pays to select the best quality Adirondack chairs, and a helpful buying guide is your map. But before we can explore that, let’s discover the considerations you should be made before purchasing this practical chair.

What To Consider Before Buying Adirondack Chairs

The Weather

If you’re buying outdoor furniture, you have to consider the weather. Outdoor furniture is constantly exposed to the elements, and while inviting, the elements negatively affect your outdoor furniture.

For starters, the sun can make your Adirondack chair weak, deformed, and faded. Excessive sun exposure has this effect on various materials. The sun can make wood permanently discolored, striping it of luster and making it fade or darken depending on the wood.

It can also damage wood fibers, making them more prone to cracking and breaking. Metal chairs can get pretty hot under the sun, making them unsafe. You’d have to wait for them to cool down.

Rain and precipitation trigger rotting and mold growth on wooden chairs. Additionally, it can deform the furniture when it absorbs and swells before drying out. Uneven drying triggers cracking in the wood.

Rain with salt and oxygen makes some metal furniture brittle through rust. The rusty spots are more prone to breaking, plus they ruin the look of the furniture.

Wind easily picks up chairs and can carry or tip them over. Plastic furniture is prone to this since some manufacturers do not make them heavy enough.

Therefore, when thinking about buying a good Adirondack chair, consider the many ways the weather could affect functionality and durability.

Maintenance Requirements

Nobody wants to spend their Saturdays taking care of outdoor furniture. In fact, most people don’t even have the time to do it. Therefore, they would select options that will give them the least work in terms of maintenance, and so should you.

Look for chair options that will demand the least maintenance and care. Wood is one of the options that may dig into your Saturdays. You will find yourself staining and varnishing the wood to ensure that it does not damage quickly, especially during rainy and precipitation seasons.

Plastic often requires little maintenance, together with resin and other synthetic materials. This is because these materials are highly resistant to external threats like the weather. Metal chairs will need powder coating to prevent rusting.

A little maintenance now and then is not bad, but every weekend is an inconvenience. You should also consider the cost of maintenance when picking the furniture. Ensure that you won’t spend too much money keeping your furniture in pristine condition.

Also, consider if you need special services for proper maintenance. Ensure that you are comfortable spending money to take care of your furniture. However, the ideal choice does not cost a lot to maintain.


Price is another issue that you must consider. But going for the cheapest option is not always the best. You could end up with flimsy furniture that will need repairs or replacing in a few months. This is impractical and, in the long run, expensive.

But the priciest option is not always the best either. You need to find a good balance of value and budget. Therefore, the first thing you should do is decide the style and materials you want. From here, you can pick the right chairs.

Remember to set a reasonable budget that is not too much or too little. Keep in mind that outdoor furniture is an investment that should last you a long time. Therefore, getting a little more money into your budget is not bad.

Keep in mind that different materials have different price tags. Therefore, ensure that you set a reasonable budget for the materials you choose for the chairs. You should look for multiple retailers to compare prices.

Various styles and unique accessories also bring price variations. There, ensure you stay within budget.

Similarly, consider the overall cost of ownership. The repairs, maintenance, and replacement increase the price. The overall cost of ownership should be reasonable and low.


And finally, consider your theme. Every outdoor space expert or decorator will tell you that a theme is necessary. Themes ensure that your space looks well-organized, and some thought went into the design.

Therefore, ask yourself if you have a theme, and you can take it from there. Woodworks well for classic and green themes. However, they might not do so for more modern themes. The same goes for other synthetic materials. They are ideal for modern looks.

Consider the colors and patterns of the chairs. Will they fit into your theme, or can you even find the right ones for your yard? The answer to these questions should help you select the right chairs.

One way to ensure that you pick the correct chairs for your yard is to get inspiration. If you don’t have a theme. Go online and check what others have or can do with their spaces. You are sure to get some inspiration from there.

The best thing about Adirondack chairs is that they come in multiple colors and patterns. You are sure to find the right ones to fit into your theme. Keep an open mind if you don’t find the theme you are looking for. These chairs are best for your yard.

Qualities To Look For When Buying Adirondack Chairs


Adirondack Chairs-material

Adirondack chairs come in a variety of materials. You should choose the materials that demand the least maintenance. Additionally, they should be long-lasting, affordable, and resistant to most if not all external threats.

The most popular materials for Adirondack chairs include:


High-density polyethylene or HDPE is a high-quality and highly-resistant material manufacturers use to make Adirondack chairs. The moldability and versatility of this material make it ideal for building these chairs, even mimicking wood and metal textures. They are resistant to weather threats, come in various colors, and do not require a lot of maintenance. For these reasons, many consumers love Adirondack chairs. They are also sturdy and able to hold a lot of weight.


Wood Adirondack chairs are classic and the original version. Teak Adirondack chairs are resistant to the effects of weather with proper maintenance. Additionally, it has an attractive look that matches many outdoor spaces.


Metal Adirondack chairs offer a modern but simple look. With accessories, they shine as works of art. Metal chairs are heavy, durable, and resistant if you care for them properly.

The best material requires little maintenance and offers great value for money.


You may not know it, but Adirondack chairs come with multiple finishes. The beauty of this chair starts with its top finish, and you need to ensure you pick the right one for your space. The most common finish for Adirondack chairs are:

Natural finish.

The natural finish is no finish. It means that the chair has no treatments and artificial additives on the surface. This style is common for high-quality wood Adirondack chairs, such as teak. The wood ages naturally, with no stain or varnish. People like this because it has a classic natural look. However, it is not always the best for longevity.


You can paint most Adirondack chairs, regardless of the material. Paint is a quick and affordable way to get the right theme or pattern for your space. Painted Adirondack chairs protect the material from weather and aging. But perhaps the best thing about paint is you can apply a fresh coat after it chips or if you want to give it a new look.


Staining is an ideal way to protect wood Adirondack chairs. Otherwise, they give the chairs a beautiful color. You can achieve various levels of staining per desire. Stained Adirondack chairs have a lovely rustic look. They will need maintenance after some time which is often the responsibility of end consumers.

Size/ Dimensions

The standard Adirondack chair will stand at 36 to 42 inches tall. In addition, they will be 30 to 44 inches wide and weigh between 15 and 45 pounds, depending on the material. To pick the right dimensions for the Adirondack chairs. We urge you to consider space and seating.

Experts recommend placing these chairs at least two feet apart to allow movement. You should also leave three to four feet in front of the chair. This will facilitate sitting and getting up from the chair conveniently. Ten feet square of space can hold approximately three to four chairs comfortably.

You should also consider the height of the Adirondack chair to find the most comfortable one. Shorter people will benefit from low chairs to keep their feet comfortable. It will also facilitate getting out of the chair. Similarly, taller people will benefit from a taller chair.

Most Adirondack chairs are 14 to 126 inches high. Therefore, shorter people below 5’5 should get the 14-inch high seats.


Next, you have to consider the style of the chair. Adirondack chairs have evolved since they first appeared in the 1900s.

Today, multiple manufacturers supply various Adirondack chairs with variations in edges, number of slats, leg style, and more. For example, rocking Adirondack chairs are becoming popular, as are swivel Adirondack chairs.

Some have three to five slats. Others have space between the slats and others tightly spaced slats. And let’s not forget all the customized looks manufacturers can give. These are often the best to blend into your theme perfectly.

Additional Features And Accessories

And lastly, consider the additional features or accessories that come with Adirondack chairs. The most common and beloved among buyers include:


Manufacturers now make Adirondack chairs that can fold. This is a genius feature that you should look out for. It first makes storage easy, so you can keep your chairs in the house during a storm to prevent weather damage. Additionally, you can fold and carry them in your car for outdoor adventures. Folding Adirondack chairs serve those who don’t have the space to keep them all out in the open the whole time.

Extended footrests.

Some Adirondack chairs also come with detachable or permanent leg and footrests. This is a great way to get comfortable and lazy during nice summer weather. This feature comes in handy because it lets you lie down in the comforts of your chair.

Cup holders.

And finally, the in-built cup holder slots are a favorite among buyers. The armrests of Adirondack chairs are often wide enough to hold a plate or cup. But it helps to have the slot to secure your drink and reduce the chances of spilling. Therefore if you can find the Adirondack chairs with cup holders, you have a winner!

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