The Perfect Time To Prepare For Ordering Poly Furniture In Bulk

Between 2018 and 2019, outdoor furniture sales in the US rose significantly from 4.83 billion dollars to 4.96 billion dollars. While there are no statistics of how outdoor furniture is currently doing, we can safely assume that it is even higher.

Why? Well, for starters, restricted movement due to the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to stay inside—those with big yards invested in outdoor furniture to create a little getaway from the house.

The need for social distancing made restaurants, bars, and other eateries use outdoor space. This stimulated bulk buying of stylish outdoor furniture.

Additionally, the recent social media obsession with aesthetics and vibes has stimulated more conscious buying of items. Therefore, people invested more in outdoor furniture and other accessories that create a specific vibe or setting for their homes or businesses.

Poly Furniture

Poly outdoor furniture is on the rise in popularity. More retailers are buying poly furniture wholesale to distribute to their clients. End consumers have fallen in love with poly furniture because of the many advantages.

Value for money, resistance to weather conditions, resistance to corrosion and insect damage, plus versatility in color and design are just some of the reasons why poly furniture is a suitable and favored replacement for wood and metal furniture.

If you are a retailer looking to purchase poly furniture in bulk, you need to get the timing right. Luckily, the information below outlines the best time to order the different items from a poly furniture manufacturer.

But first, explore the answer to:

Why Do I Need To Monitor The Best Time To Buy Poly Furniture In Bulk?

1. For the best deals

As a retailer, you always need to look for the best deals. This is how you save purchase costs and set yourself up for a better profit when you make sales.

Some manufacturers are more willing to negotiate and offer lower prices during specific times in a month or year. Therefore, you need to stay alert, so these opportunities do not pass you. Otherwise, you will pay full price and reduce your profits. You could even end up overcharging consumers to reach your targets.

2. To get the highest quality

Knowing when to buy poly furniture guarantees that you get the best quality instead of dead stock. You will get carefully-constructed items made from high-quality materials and fresh out of the factory. This increases their lifespan and makes them easier to maintain.

If you time it wrong, you could end up with a lot of deadstock and undesirables. These are very hard to push on the public, and you will likely reduce prices to make sales. This is a financial loss for your business.

3. To get the best and newest design

Manufacturers release new designs at specific times in a year. It is better to wait for the latest designs because these will sell well with end consumers. Therefore, the time is right so you can get the newest.

It would be a huge disadvantage to your business if you bought in bulk only for the manufacturer to release new designs for the items you just bought. It will be hard pushing stock with an updated version already in the market.

4. To stock up for a coming lucrative market

Buyer behavior is also why you should stock up at the right time. Often poly furniture demand rises at certain times every season or so. Therefore, stocking up sets you up for a lucrative market if you do it on time.

When the need arises, and you do not have enough products, you miss out on profits and brand awareness for your business. Buyers will likely ignore you at the next sale because you did not satisfy their needs the last time.

5. To make use of offers

And finally, manufacturers will run different types of sales throughout the year. Timing it right ensures that you get discounted prices, loyalty points, and other perks when you purchase during these sales.

It means saving money on purchases, allowing you to sell affordably to consumers, creating a good working relationship with manufacturers, and even setting yourself up for future deals from the company. There is no disadvantage to forming a lasting partnership with a manufacturer during these sales.

Best Time To Stock Up On Poly Furniture

1. Winter

We believe that the best time to stock up on poly furniture is in early December during winter. Early December has a lot of potential because you set yourself up for Christmas and New Year’s, sales coming later.

During Christmas and New Year, people will be willing to spend more money purchasing gifts and improving their homes. Therefore, there is a promising market. Additionally, people will be making their houses more accommodating to holiday guests during the holidays. Poly furniture could sell more as an indoor option since it is more affordable.

Establishments such as cafes and bistros, retreat centers, hotels, and holiday inns will be more willing to switch up their furniture to match the holiday season. Therefore, they could buy themed poly furniture.

These establishments will also need to accommodate more people during the holidays, so buying poly furniture would be an excellent investment to keep their clients well-accommodated.

And if you have an online presence, you could sell a little more in mid-winter between January and February as shoppers hit online stores to find what they are looking for in hopes of lower prices for outdoor furniture.

We also encourage you to stock up at the end of winter. This comes right before spring when most people clear out their old stuff and make room for new things. As people clean out their spaces, they will need replacements.

This includes outdoor poly furniture as people discover the ones that broke sustained damage, or have faded too much. Therefore, you will be better positioned to supply to many people after spring cleaning.

2. Spring

The best time to bulk buy poly furniture is in late spring. Spring comes before summer, and this is when many people buy outdoor furniture. Public pools and recreation centers will need sustainable poly furniture to serve users throughout the summer.

People will buy more poly furniture for their yards to accommodate dining outside or enjoy cool breezes as the temperatures rise. Even restaurants will adopt outdoor eating because the weather is nicer. This means a need for outdoor poly furniture.

Summer skyrockets demand outdoor furniture. Therefore, ensure that you stock up well in spring to provide your customers with a great experience.

3. Summer

If you must buy in bulk during summer, you can do it minimally in the later months. Since it’s followed by fall, a lot of people will retort indoors, deescalating the demand for poly outdoor furniture. During fall, the temperatures go down significantly.

Therefore, many eateries will focus more on indoor dining. Similarly, people with private property will move indoors and spend most of their time in heated spaces. There will be less need for outdoor furniture unless you are putting out a new design.

Therefore, if people have already satisfied their summer demands, you do not need to bulk buy poly furniture.

4. Fall

And finally, you can bulk buy in late fall just before the winter starts. Since many people won’t be buying outdoor furniture, you could get excellent prices and good designs that can blend into the upcoming festive season.

However, do not buy too soon because you could end up with old models that will be hard to sell once the updated festive designs come out. Therefore, we advise not to be too eager in bulk-buying poly furniture in the fall.

5. After March 18th: Global recycling day

March 18th is global recycling day. This international holiday not only spreads awareness but also encourages recycling. Therefore, over the following few weeks, corporations and people are more willing to recycle and will make efforts with plastic as the primary target.

Therefore, poly manufacturing companies and recycling centers will receive a lot of recycled plastic. This provides the manufacturers with many raw materials to produce poly furniture. Assuming that other resources are available, manufacturers will produce furniture more efficiently.

This means that they would be more willing to conduct sales and even offer discounts to get rid of current stock first. Then they can introduce new designs and items they made from abundance in raw materials.

This is the best time for retailers to bulk buy poly furniture. You will get the best deals and high-quality items.

6. When there is a significant change in social norms

And finally, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, nobody could have predicted what happened over the following months. However, when it became evident that social distancing and staying home were the new norms, retailers could have bought poly furniture in bulk.

Bulk-Buying Tips For Poly Furniture

1. Do a quick local search for manufacturers

Working with local manufacturers is the best. It will save you time in delivery, you can easily access the facility, and you are likely to get better offers from locals. Therefore, conduct a quick google search of poly furniture in your area.

For example, ‘Adirondack sofa manufacturer near me.’ It will introduce you to a list of top-rated manufacturers in your area, whom you can purchase from affordably. But you need to scrutinize before picking a permanent supplier.

2. Read reviews

Another good tip is the reviews. Reading trusted reviews about a manufacturer will help you buy high-quality poly Adirondack chairs and the like. You will be assured of quality which is very important when bulk buying.

Otherside, you could end up with a whole batch of low-quality Adirondack footstools or similar. You will have a hard time selling low-quality bulk items. Your business will take a financial hit as you sell them cheaper. Unfortunately, this will also ruin your reputation as a trusted poly furniture supplier.

3. Weigh options

There is nothing wrong with weighing your options before settling on a permanent manufacturer. If you have found several Adirondack swing or Adirondack dining set suppliers with high-quality materials, you can monitor their various characteristics to make the right buying decision.

For example, find out the effectiveness of communication as this is an important aspect of business relationships. You can also find out some of their perks to long-term business partners. Ensure that you also inquire about customization and special requests.

4. Find a catalog

Does the manufacturer have Adirondack bistro sets? What about Adirondack side tables? You need to ensure that your manufacturer regularly produces the poly future you want to sell to consumers.

Find a catalog of their items that includes colors available, designs, and even prices. This will guide you into buying from a suitable manufacturer. Find out how long they take to fulfill custom orders, too, so you can pick the one that will serve your business’ needs best.

5. Negotiate

Do not shy away from negotiating when bulk-buying. You may talk yourself into an excellent deal. When negotiating, always state a lower number than the one you are comfortable with so you can meet somewhere near it.

Additionally, you could sign up for a supply chain contract with the manufacturer, with terms ideal for both of you. This commitment should help the manufacturer give you a better deal since you guarantee more business in the future.

6. Ask about warranties

Always ask about warranties before bulk buying. Poly furniture should come with a suitable warranty so you can receive reimbursement should anything happen. Good poly furniture manufacturers offer a warranty of at least two years.

This is how you can tell the quality of the products. The better the warranty, then most likely, the better the poly furniture.

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