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The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Outdoor Dining Set

Dining outside is a favorite activity for any season. If you have an outdoor space in your residential or commercial area, make use of it by setting up a beautiful dining space complete with a durable and decorative dining set.

Outdoor dining sets are becoming a staple in commercial and residential spaces. More people are appreciating the outdoors, and it is crucial since we now know it can be taken from us during global pandemics.

Manufacturers have various outdoor dining sets at your disposal. You can get a comfortable, luxurious, flexible, or fun set, depending on your preference. Of course, you probably know what you are doing shopping for an excellent outdoor dining set.

But if you don’t or could use a little backup picking your dining set, we offer a helpful guide with the necessary consideration you must make. It will adequately equip you to buy durable and functional dining set at the end.

Steps To The Best Outdoor Dining Set

Buying an outdoor dining set is similar to selecting an indoor one. You just have to make a few extra considerations as the information below will cover.

Consider Your Space

Your space should tell you more about the dining set to get. The goal is to get a set that is not too big or too small. Your space could be a patio, gazebo, outdoor seating for a restaurant or bar, or even garden space in a hotel or retreat center.

Measuring the spaces puts a convenient limit on the size of the set. There are a few points to keep in mind as you measure your space.

Do not measure from end to end. Remember that this is a dining set that requires enough space for people to move around without bumping into the furniture. Additionally, you need to set up your area with a good traffic flow. And if you will have more outdoor furniture pieces, they need to have ample room for movement on either side.

So when measuring your space, leave room for seating and movement. Measure the table length and width, then add at least 48 inches for seating and pathways. These measurements should help you determine how big a dining set you will get in seating.

Determine Its Functionality

Next, you need to determine the functionality of the table. It seems obvious that it would be dining since it is a dining set. But we also mean how often you will use it and where you will use it. Residential dining sets cannot be the same as commercial dining sets.

How often would you like to use the dining set? If you will use your dining set often, like every day to once a week, you need a durable table and high-quality chairs to withstand this type of wear. Additionally, you need a stain-proof function to make cleaning easier.

However, if you use it a few times a month, you can get away with something less pricey to serve you for years without wearing it since use is not as frequent.

Commercial spaces like bistros and bars often require dining sets made from high-quality materials for tough durability. They will be in frequent use, so having a dining set that does not stain, fade, or break comes in handy financially.

Residential spaces can survive with lower quality, but it always pays to have a high-quality, luxurious choice.

Decide On The Size Of The Dining Set

Finally, it is time to determine the size of your dining set. Determining the size depends on how often you use it, who will use it, and your budget.

A standard outdoor dining set will hold four to six people, but you could always put in a special order for more if you need it.

Your space should guide you in picking the right set. You can spring for the 6-seat dining set if you have ample room. It will accommodate six people comfortably while allowing people to move around without bumping into furniture. We recommend 11 by 14 feet or more for this set.

The functionality of your dining set should also help you pick the correct size. Smaller dining sets hold fewer people and may not be used as often, especially if you have less space in the compound. Bigger dining sets are primarily for hosting big meals and more people. If you have more family members and friends or receive a broad customer base for your eatery, a bigger table is more advisable.

Also, if you are often the one hosting people, go for a bigger dining set, so you have enough room for people. Remember, you could always get a custom order if you need seats at the table.

Your budget is another determining factor in helping you pick the correct size dining set. Bigger sets require more money, but it is a worthy investment if you need to accommodate more people.

Determine The Appropriate Height

Yes, dining sets now come in different heights. You can find a traditional set closer to the ground for a relaxed lounging experience. You can also find bar-height dining sets that mimic bar stools and counters. Some sets even come lower than traditional sets.

To determine the best dining set height for your space, first consider the type of atmosphere you want to emit. What is the desired aesthetic for this setting? Do you want something classic and traditional or modern and springy? Or would you like to emulate the various cultural styles of dining low on the ground? Once you answer this question, you are closer to your dining set.

Another consideration to guide you would be the type of company you will host in your space. For example, if you have a cafe that welcomes people of all ages, you would rather stick to traditional dining sets.

This is the perfect height for seniors and children to get into. Bar style sets are too high, while lower sets will not allow people to comfortably get in and out of the chairs. We recommend bar height dining sets for casual hosting with a younger crowd.

And lastly, your space should help you make this decision. Traditional dining set height will spread people out and therefore demand more room. So if you have limited room, you should consider something higher off the ground to allow free movement.

Choose The Right Material

Choosing the right material for your outdoor dining set is vital for weather resistance, directly affecting longevity. Remember, outdoor sets are at constant threat from the elements plus environmental factors such as mold and insect damage. Therefore, always select a dining set that can withstand these threats.

Outdoor dining sets come in three primary materials, beloved by end consumers. A closer look at these materials should help you determine the best choice for your location.


Wood is a beloved material for making furniture. This organic material is a classic beloved by end consumers for its charming visuals and luxurious appeal. After all, wood can fit into almost any setting because of its appealing visuals, significantly contributing to aesthetics.

High-quality wood is hard to come by, but it produces good outdoor sets. For example, teak is a tropical hardwood that is durable and beautiful. It has natural oils that make it impenetrable to water, insects, and humidity. However, hardwood teak dining sets and similar woods are on the higher side and difficult to come by.

Other woods are not as good at repelling moisture. The water penetrates the wood, making it warp, break, and prone to rot. Constant moisture exposure also makes the wood fibers prone to mold growth, affecting the wood fibers and weakening the furniture.

Wood is also prone to uneven drying under sun exposure, making the pieces weak and prone to breaking. Sun exposure can also strip the dining set of natural oils. This makes them prone to fading, making them lose their natural appeal.


Metal like aluminum can be used to fashion functional and visually appealing dining sets for outdoor use. Metal is ideal for artistic properties and decorative elements. And with painting, it is easy to get a good color that will match your theme.

The primary concern with outdoor metal furniture is rust and corrosion. Most metals are prone to rust or corrosion after exposure to moisture and oxygen. Locations with high salt content in the humidity amplify this process. Rust and corrosion make the metal weak and prone to breaking.

Another primary concern with metal dining sets is that the surfaces retain heat after consistent sun exposure. Metal can get hot on high-temperature days. Therefore, if you want to use your dining set on a hot summer day, it will be difficult and unsafe.

And because metal furniture is lightweight, you may find your outdoor dining set tipped over or carried away by strong wind gusts.

Poly Lumber

And lastly, poly lumber is a great furniture option for outdoor dining sets. Poly lumber is made from HDPE plastic, often recycled. This results in strong, durable, and easy to mold lumber that can mimic wood and metal.

Poly lumber dining sets are impenetrable to water, so rain is not an issue. This durable material creates watertight poly furniture, including good dining sets. On top of that, it does not support mold or rotting since poly lumber is waterproof.

Poly dining sets can be porous to UV rays from the sun if you do not find a reliable manufacturer. But good manufacturers include UV-inhibiting elements to make the dining sets fading resistant. Additionally, they are not prone to cracking and breaking due to sun exposure.

And lastly, poly dining sets are not prone to strong wind. They are surprisingly heavy, which is an advantage against wind. But if you want a portable set, the weight of the furniture is an inconvenience. Always keep this in mind before purchasing the set.

Select The Ideal Seating Options And Table Style

Next, ensure that you select the ideal seating option for your dining set. Yes, traditional chairs are not the only type of seating. Manufacturers have found ways to improve seating options to accommodate more or less various users.

Swivel chair

You can get a swivel chair for the dining set. These are good choices for 360-degree views without moving the chair. This means fewer scratches on your deck. They are also great for relaxing but will take up more space than regular chairs. Therefore, ensure you have enough space.


The basic dining chairs do not have armrests allowing you to sit and exit the chair from either side. Additionally, it will not require anyone else to move. You can fit multiple chairs on either side of the table, but you won’t have the convenience of armrests.

Armchairs are great for resting and relaxing. They are ideal for long conversations but do not allow easy sitting in and out of the chair. But it is a classic choice and can even come as an Adirondack chair. They can have extended back and folding properties to make any space relaxed. They are ideal for lounging and entertaining.


For children-friendly seating, consider benches. Dining beaches are cozy, hold more people and allow guardians to keep a close eye on the kids. Some dining sets come with a combination of these seating options. If you have room, this is the best option.

As for table design or shape, it is up to your space and desires. You could get a small table and then include leaves to extend the length of the table to accommodate more people who can pull up a chair. Circles occupy less space than rectangles and square shapes while accommodating the same number of people.

The rounded edges are also great if you have little ones running around the area—no sharp edges to bump their heads on.

Final Thoughts On Buying Outdoor Dining Sets

Overall, you have to look for a reliable retailer to get a high-quality dining set. If you are a retailer looking to pattern with a reliable poly furniture supplier, you are in the right place. Become a trusted seller of poly furniture in your local area by partnering with us today.

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