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The Ultimate Guide to Buying an Outdoor Table

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your outdoor space? High-quality outdoor furniture should help with that. Outdoor furniture is vital to outdoor settings because they make your space functional and habitable.

There are many types of outdoor furniture available for end consumers, including chairs, daybeds, and sofas. However, today we would like to talk specifically about tables.

Tables are a vital part of outdoor set-up because you cannot have chairs and stools without tables. Today, the market is full of various outdoor tables for different purposes. Additionally, they come in multiple sizes, shapes, materials, and colors. So how do you pick the right one?

The information below serves as a good buying guide to help you pick the right outdoor table. Therefore, keep reading because you are one step closer to choosing a good outdoor table for your specific purpose.

Factors To Consider When Buying Outdoor Tables

Before you can shop for a table, there are a few things you need to consider. These considerations will narrow down your options and guide you to a functional investment that will last longer without the trouble of replacement and repairs.

The basics you should never ignore are:

The Available Space

The available outdoor space should help you determine the shape and size of the table you buy. Ensure that you first measure the space available before looking up any outdoor table options.

Do not measure from end to end since this is impractical. A table should rarely fit from one end to the other. It should have enough space for chairs, plus room for movement as people get in and out of the sitting area.

Experts advise measuring the length and width of the allocated space. Then eliminate 80 to 100 centimeters from each dimension. Your table will require around 90 centimeters of space on all sides.

Do not get a table that does not give you enough space for movement on every side. Consider convertible designs or several side tables if you have a small space.

Location and Weather

Your location and weather should be another significant determining factor for buying an outdoor table. The weather and locations should help you select the right material for the table.

Outdoor furniture has to withstand different weather conditions. This often boils down to the effects of weather conditions on various furniture materials. So let’s take a closer look at the major outdoor table materials and how the weather affects them.

Patio-Dining table


Wood is a good and traditional choice for tables. This choice is classic and easy on the yes, fitting into various contexts effortlessly. However, it is not all perfect, starting with the price. This furniture material is expensive because of the visual appeal, plus the scarcity of good wood.

Secondly, wood demands more maintenance than other furniture materials. Depending on the wood, it will require regular cleaning, staining, and vanishing. This increases its total cost of ownership.

Some woods are also vulnerable to weather conditions, primarily moisture. Moisture can seep into the wood, making it swell and rot. It will also encourage mold growth. Heat makes the material crack and easily brittle.

Some woods do not have a natural insect repellent, so they are prone to damage from termites and other insects that use them as food sources and habitats. If you are not willing to keep up with maintenance, this is not the table option for you.


Metals such as aluminum create magnificent tables with stylish and decorative elements. They are not easy to dent and relatively easy to maintain. What‘s more, they are affordable, retailing cheaper than most wood tables.

Sadly metals are prone to rust and corrosion. Exposure to moisture and oxygen triggers an oxidation process that rusts or corrodes the metal. Therefore, the tables may suffer permanent damage that makes them look unsightly.

Getting the rust under control means regular powder coating and cleaning to remove signs of corrosion. Therefore, maintenance is easy, but you may need to do it regularly, especially during the rainy seasons. This could translate to a higher cost of ownership.

Additionally, metal tables can retain heat, especially with constant sun exposure. This can be pretty impractical for you and your guests. Additionally, it is unsafe to move or use the table under high temperatures.


Plastic, HDPE, or poly outdoor furniture is a trendy choice for outdoor tables. This furniture option has multiple advantages, including color availability, weather resistance, and affordability.

Under consistent sun exposure, poly outdoor tables risk fading due to UV rays. But you can find manufacturers to make the tables with a protective UV inhibitor. Besides this, the tables are primarily resistant to consistent sun exposure.

This table option is also resistant to moisture from rain and snow. Water stains are a possibility, but you can clean them off quickly.


Next, you need to consider the function of the table. How are you going to use the table? This is also closely related to where the table is going. Remember that many outdoor tables are available depending on the residential or commercial location.

Residential location

Residential spaces often have patios, gardens, and outdoor rooms, which may require tables. For this type of space, you have the option of:

Commercial location

Commercial locations like cafes, public parks, outdoor bars, and hotels have various table needs, which can be:

  • Bar tables ideal for nightclubs and bars with outdoor seating options
  • Picnic tables suitable for public parks
  • Patio tables are ideal for bistros and restaurants with outdoor sitting space
  • Coffee tables are ideal for coffee places and cafes with outdoor seating

Maintenance Demands

And lastly, consider the maintenance needs of the table. Outdoor tables will require care regardless of where you place them. And we are not just talking about the surface of the table. The table legs will need washing and stain removal.

Again this comes down to the material, weather, and the consistency of use. Different materials have different care requirements. Similarly, the weather will dictate how much you need to clean and maintain them.

Do not pick a table you will neglect even though it demands regular maintenance. Instead, learn about the various care demands of the table and be sure you can handle them.

What To Look For In Outdoor Tables

So now that you know the considerations to make when shopping for an outdoor table, here are the essential features to look for in your choices.

Weather resistance

The first thing you should look for in your outdoor table is weather resistance. Remember, this is an investment that you do not want to replace in the coming years. You need a table that can adequately handle all weather conditions because it can be unpredictable.

Poly lumber is a great table option because it is highly resistant to various weather conditions. It does not retain heat or crack under constant sun exposure. Plus, the UV inhibitors make it immune to fading.

Best of all, poly outdoor tables are highly resistant to water penetration. Water cannot penetrate this water-tight option, so you do not have to worry about rust or corrosion forming on the table’s surface. Additionally, this material does not support mold growth even with continuous moisture exposure.

And just to boot, you will be safe from insect penetration. This synthetic material offers nothing to insects since it is impenetrable and has no organic elements to use as food.


There are multiple styles and shapes of outdoor tables. After determining functionality, you need to decide the style best suits your space. The shape and design of the table should fit your needs and, most importantly, the space.

It is important to note that round shapes take up less space than rectangular and square tables. They offer the same surface area but will fit into smaller spaces more conveniently. Therefore, make this consideration as you determine the style.

Additionally, if you have a small space, consider going for side tables. They will allow legroom and easy flow while serving their purpose.


Look for an ideal-size table for the purpose and space you have. There are standard measurements for coffee tables, work tables, and even kitchen tables. It is always best to stick to these measurements if you have the space.

This is because the standard measurements will guarantee the efficient function of the table. Usually, going down a size may affect functionality. However, if you can make it work, go for it. Going for higher measurements will give you more space. It goes against minimalism, and you may have to pay a higher price, but if you do not mind, you will have the advantage of more space.

Color and theme

Next, look for a color and theme you can get behind. If you choose poly furniture for your table, you will likely have it for a long time before needing replacement. This means years of using and looking at the same table. Therefore, pick something that blends well and is visually appealing to you.

We advise going for poly furniture tables because they come in various colors and patterns. You will find a variety of choices, and one of them is bound to satisfy your needs. And even if you do not find the color you want, you can sign up for a customized choice as manufacturers are often willing.

Easy maintenance

Next, you need to pick a choice that offers easy maintenance. You do not want to spend your weekends taking care of the table. Plus, you will have to deal with stain removal after a party or accident.

Poly future is the sure choice to save you from tedious care and cleaning activities. Stains on the table will be easy to remove without special detergents or harsh treatments. In addition, poly tables will only need wiping with soap and water to clean them. You can use the same solution with a soft bristle brush to care for the table legs.

Additional features

And lastly, you should look for table options that come with additional features. Of course, it is not a must, but it helps to have these perks since it makes outdoor dining and lounging more comfortable. Some of the best features are:

  • Built-in fireplaces. Some tables have built-in fire paces to keep outdoor lounging toasty at night and during the colder months.
  • Storage compartments. Others come with storage compartments for keeping magazines, snacks, stationery, pillows, and even utensils depending on the table type.
  • Grilling stations. This feature allows you to grill your food comfortably at the table.
  • Convertible and foldable. Some tables quickly convert into other functional outdoor furniture. You can fold some tables to create a bench or a table variation for convenience.

Reliable Sources For Outdoor Tables

So now that you know exactly what you are looking for, where will you shop for the best outdoor table? There are multiple sources at your disposal to get a reliable, durable, functional, and long-lasting outdoor table for commercial and residential use.

  • Online shopping websites. Reliable online shopping websites like Amazon will introduce you to various trusted sellers providing good outdoor tables. And since the reviews are reliable, you can trust them to help you make the right decision.
  • Reliable local retailers. You can also reach out to reliable local retailers to provide you with the needed outdoor tables. Ensure that they partner with reliable manufacturers, especially if you pick poly furniture.
  • Recommendations from friends and family. If you visit a friend or family member with a setup you like, then ask for recommendations on where they got their furniture pieces. People will rarely recommend marketplaces or retailers who disappointed them, so you are guaranteed a good recommendation.
  • Trusted brands. Lastly, you can go straight to the trusted manufacturers producing the furniture you want. This is a good idea, especially if you are buying in bulk. Many good poly furniture manufacturers like ourselves will be happy to fulfill your order.

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