Top 10 Best Poly Outdoor Furniture in 2022

One of the greatest joys of summer is the weather and all the opportunities to enjoy it. People go to the beach, swim, or travel to other locations for a brief vacation. However, for those who would rather spend a day or evening in the comfort of home but closer enough to enjoy the weather, an outdoor living space with high-quality HDPE furniture is the best place.

Stylish outdoor HDPE furniture comes from High-Density Polyethylene. This tough material is a type of plastic favored by manufacturers for its durability and resistance. HDPE is the primary material used to make milk jugs, egg cartons, detergent bottles, and even some food containers.

HDPE is also easy to recycle, and one of its recycling applications is making furniture. Recycling plants turn the jugs and bottles into poly lumber, cut and drilled by certified poly furniture manufacturers like POLYWOOD to make high-quality outdoor seating.

HDPE furniture is highly durable, thanks to properties such as moisture resistance. Manufacturers also make the furniture highly resistant to fading from sun exposure by using UV-inhibiting components when making the lumber. The color runs through the lumber rather than appearing as a top coat that fades.

HDPE outdoor furniture is also resistant to chemicals, mold, rust, corrosion, and rot, proving that it is an ideal alternative for wood and metal outdoor furniture.

What is more, POLYWOOD and other manufacturers create beautiful and unique designs to serve all types of needs. The information below will cover the top 10 best poly outdoor furniture of 2022. This way, you will know which designs and items to invest in to reach more clients.

Top 10 Best Poly Outdoor Furniture in 2022

This modern take on the classic Adirondack design appears in patios, cafes, and other settings. A smart furniture store owner will know this is a must-have as summer peaks and more end consumers reach for outdoor relaxation.

The chair has a modern curved back style with a contoured seat offering adequate space. The front is a waterfall design for added comfort for the back of the knees and unique touch. The back is also contoured to accommodate long sitting. The side arms facilitate resting the arms or a drink.

These features come without sacrificing quality as the lumber offers excellent weather resistance and durability. It comes in a rainbow of colors so you can invest to best meet your consumers’ needs.

POLYWOOD Modern Curveback Adirondack Chair

The charming side table is a staple for end consumers with small spaces. It is a lightweight choice that offers convenient functionality, which should make a huge appearance for the rest of 2022.

Standing at 19 inches long and 18 inches high, this side table is the right size for resting drinks and plates, acting as the ideal companion for chair lounges and dining chairs.

Details of the table feature curved corners that save end consumers from accidents, especially in small spaces. This also further reinforces the non-chipping nature of poly lumber, even when bumped against a tough surface.

This side table has four evenly-spaced slats that facilitate dripping, preventing water stains. The table is reinforced with tough metalware countersunk into the lumber for appearance and risk-free use.

Relaxation-seeking clients will love this modern take on a rocking chair that combines the classic design with Adirondack influences. It is a sturdy rocking chair that offers deep seat resting and a supportive backrest.

The three-slat backrest offers practical support for the back, while the deep, wide seat effortlessly compliments this design for the ultimate relaxation experience. The wide arms make it ideal for resting drinks, plates, phones, magazines, and other items.

The chair comes with the texture of real wood, adding to the aesthetic appeal without the trouble of sanding, painting, and cleaning. Moreover, there is no risk of rot, mold, rust, or splintering. The high-quality metal fasteners make the chair structurally sound and unlikely to collapse under pressure.

Prep carts are increasingly popular as more end consumers turn to outdoor cooking and living. Prep carts offer consumers more space for outdoor cooking, and their mobility facilitates cooking on any surface.

This sturdy all-weather prep cart has a solid surface made from stainless steel. The material is not only resistant to weather but provides an ideal hygienic surface for food preparation. The frame is all-weather HDPE fastened with metal hardware for a solid structural look and feel.

The heavy-duty framing makes the cart resistant to wind, and the wheels guarantee a smooth glide across different surfaces, including grass. End consumers will love the convenience and versatility as it also has a lower deck for storage and serves more food and drinks.

This stylish mini-sized Adirondack chair should be a necessary addition to end consumers with families. The design and build cater to the younger consumers, playing to their desires and offering practical functionality.

The classic Adirondack design remains with adjustments to the height to make it suitable for younger consumers. The seat and backrest slats have a colorful beachy design that interests the younger consumers while offering a visually-appealing look. This, coupled with the solid white frame for the armrests and legs, creates a unique chair.

The seat is contoured for comfortable sitting, and the wide armrests offer enough room for placements. The water-resistant HDPE material adequately resists spills from popsicles and water and offers structural stability for the antics of younger consumers.

If the primary clientele is big on family, you will win their hearts with this stylish lakeside 7-piece dining set. It is the ideal choice for hosting family dinners and summer get-togethers. It accommodates 6 people with enough room for food and drinks.

The stylish table leg design gives ample legroom while the top has beautiful slats with a center hole for an umbrella, but even without it, the strong HDPE surface is built to withstand strong sunny weather. The overall table frame offers enough weight to withstand the strongest coastal winds effortlessly.

The set comes with four dining side chairs ideal for younger consumers and others who need to quickly get in and out of the seat. It offers great options for movement. The set also comes with 2 dining armchairs with armrests.

The Visola chaise lounge is a versatile piece that will serve various end consumers with commercial and residential spaces. Its design features a wood-like appearance that improves the aesthetics without demanding wood maintenance.

The adjustable backrest accommodates different end consumers, while the high-quality cushion fabric is gentle on various skin types. Hence, it is ideal for consumers with a range of differently aged members. This fabric is also highly resistant to weather conditions, perfectly complimenting the all-weather HDPE frame.

Furthermore, it offers end consumers easy maintenance needs only demanding soap and water, followed by quick air drying before use. The durable HDPE material can withstand sun exposure without fading. Plus, moisture will not trigger rot, cracking, or mold growth, making this chaise the ideal all-weather partner.

The sophisticated design plus stunning color pairings on this outdoor sofa effortlessly makes it an outdoor staple for 2022. It is modern, sleek, and does not sacrifice visuals for functionality and durability. It is sturdy and ideal for commercial and residential outdoor uses, expanding your client list.

The frame is durable HDPE held with metal fastenings. This makes the couch structurally sound and functional when holding the weight of multiple people. It also makes it tough enough for the playful antics of young children.

The durable material is resistant to weather, and the cushions come in a high-performance fabric that is easy to clean. This sofa will offer maintenance convenience as you only need soap and water to keep it looking good while on display.

This versatile seating set will be popular in commercial and residential settings this year. It features a sturdy build characterized by strong HDPE frames that adequately resist the weather’s effects, including sunlight and water damage.

This strong set is held with metal fastenings complimenting the set’s visuals, setting the right tone for aesthetic appeal. The table surface will receive most sun exposure, but the HDPE material adequately resists fading even with successive display days.

The set comes with a 2-seater sofa and single seats with armrests. They have thick foam cushions to offer excellent back support and facilitate longer sitting.

Lastly, this 5-piece bar set is the set that will bring commercial business owners to your establishment for bulk orders. Functionality and visuals create an enviable set that can also pass in residential settings.

The set comes with 4 modern curve-back Adirondack chairs. They are a modern twist that does not sacrifice comfort for style. The wide seat and backrest slats ensure end consumers sink into the seats, facilitating longer interactions.

It also comes with a sturdy round bar table. The round shape accommodates more people without too much space, making it ideal for clients with smaller spaces. All the items are made from high-quality HDPE, offering all-weather resistance.

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By stocking up on these trends, you elevate your chances of making good profits for 2022 by supplying high-quality products to end consumers. Nevertheless, to achieve success, you need to partner with a good HDPE furniture factory, and luckily, you are in the right place.

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Our partnership guarantees:

  • High-quality products.

We use top-grade HDPE to make our furniture. This ensures that every piece of furniture is resistant to moisture and thus will not support mold growth, rust, or water damage. This also makes maintenance a breeze to ensure end consumers get the best-looking furniture at a moment’s notice.

On top of that, the furniture is highly resistant to fading thanks to UV-inhibiting components, so you can confidently keep them on display in the sun.

  • Quick and convenient supply chain.

We strive to offer convenience to our patterns. We have streamlined our supply chain to ensure orders are fulfilled quickly and on time. We offer the best timelines for order fulfillment, which applies to customized orders. We know the delay is a setback, so we strive to respect these timelines.

  • Customization fulfillment.

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Final Thoughts

So remember, if you want to provide your clients with the best quality HDPE furniture, you only need to partner with us. We will always provide high-quality items that will turn your store into a reliable furniture brand.

If this is your first encounter with HDPE furniture, consider the promising growth of the plastic furniture market. It reached a value of US$ 13.5 Billion in 2021, and it is expected to exhibit a compound annual growth rate of 4.6% between 2022 and 2027.

The primary reason end consumers and interior designers turn to plastic for outdoor furniture is its durability. On top of that, it is almost unbreakable. Furthermore, this material comes at a reasonable price, making them the economically practical solution for large-scale seating such as in outdoor restaurants.

Moreover, as the new generation of consumers focuses on companies that use sustainable manufacturing processes, HDPE furniture has a promising future since it is 100% recyclable. Most manufacturers make it from recycled plastic.

Therefore, more consumers will soon be searching for reliable suppliers for small and large-scale use. So what does this translate to? This means a wider range of end consumers and the potential to become a trusted brand and grow your business.

However, you need reliable partners with certified skills and materials to propel you to this next step. We are that furniture factory and would be happy to make a new partner.

So inquire today about our prices and start forming a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership.

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