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Top 12 Outdoor Furniture Trends You Can't Miss For 2022

2022 is the year of possibilities, new beginnings, and double the impact. It is the perfect time to invest in outdoor furniture because if the pandemic taught us something, it is the value of having an escape within your home.

Quarantine and social distancing inspired many to create beautiful outdoor spaces within their homes. This trend inspired innovation among consumers and manufacturers, birthing unique trends for outdoor seating.

Despite things going back to normal as the effects of the pandemic fade, people will retain the value of their outdoor spaces. More consumers will be hosting parties and barbecues in the comforts of their backyards.

Summer is quickly approaching, creating the perfect setting for outdoor fun. More people are bound to spend time in their patios, backyards, and pools. As a retailer providing high-quality furniture to end consumers, you need to be prepared to impress and serve their needs.

But not to worry because we are here to help! We have narrowed down 2022 outdoor furniture through careful research and analysis to 12 sure trends. This is what end consumers will be going for, and you can stay ahead by learning about them.

The Top 12 Outdoor Furniture Trends Of 2022

1. Functional Outdoor Settings

The first thing we will see more of is functional outdoor settings. More people are finding the practicality in creating outdoor scenes that are functional, eliminating the need to go back inside. People want to spend more time outside.

Therefore, more people are looking for furniture pieces that give them outside comforts. Outdoor furniture will see many more pillows, couches, and dining sets that allow consumers to do more under the sky.

Indoor-outdoor furniture such as rattan dining sets will receive more focus. People are also turning to fire pit tables and outdoor pizza ovens that let you cook and eat right in the comforts of the outdoors.

Another way end consumers are crushing this trend is by creating extensions or outdoor rooms. It will be common to find outdoor kitchens, living rooms, and dining spaces that eliminate the need to go back inside for food.

Outdoor kitchens are particularly popular, standing as the make of outdoor living space. Who wouldn’t love to cook in an open space? Some go as far as completing the kitchen with shelves, cabinets, functional ovens, and of course, durable kitchen furniture.

You will notice more outdoor stools, tables, and chairs to mesh cooking and dining. Some are adding creative elements such as herb and spice gardens.

Regardless of the kitchen style, outdoor furniture shines and completes the setting. So don’t be shocked when more clients come asking for something along the lines of island stools and kitchen tables.

2. Recycling and Sustainability

outdoor fueniture chair

We are more aware of climate change and our impact on the environment than ever. Awareness has triggered the desire to be more cautious and alert about our choices and how they impact the environment.

One of the ways people are making a difference is by selecting sustainability and recycling outdoor furniture. While glamming outdoor spaces, consumers have found ways to solidify sustainability. Some of the trends we will see more of on the lines of sustainability include:

Upcycling old furniture

Old indoor furniture is no longer getting tossed out to meet the unfortunate ride to the dump. Instead, people transform them into outdoor seating for patios, outdoor kitchens, and dining places.

Most people do the projects themselves, removing all the elements that would otherwise make the seating unfit for outdoor exposure. They can also pair the old indoor furniture with other materials and fabrics that make it ideal for an outdoor presentation.

Some turn to professionals for this job, but it is a sustainable practice that saves consumers some money no matter the process.

Repurposing natural materials

Natural materials such as wood and fabrics are also receiving much attention. More people will be repurposing wood and fabrics into outdoor furniture. Yes, you can build a beautiful lawn set from an old fishing boat.

Wood and bamboo repurposing will continue to be more relevant as people buy outdoor furniture. The timeless allure of wood attracts many people, but it is not always the most environmentally-friendly option considering the effects of deforestation.

Repurposing counters it, and end consumers get beautiful wood sets without worrying about the effects on forests. Repurposing also ensures that good wood does not go to waste.

People can take up DIY projects to achieve this or turn to manufacturers actively looking for ways to be more suitable by re-using wood to create outdoor furniture sets. Additionally, they reuse old fabrics to make matching upholstery.

This trend is creating unique and beautiful pieces, which is often what many owners aim for—the more unique and exciting, the better.

Recycled plastic furniture

Play Video about How to Make HDPE Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture & Why We Make It

Have you heard of poly furniture? If you haven’t, it is a type of furniture made from plastic for outdoor use. It is popular in homes, cafes, parks, and other outdoor settings. It is steadily gaining popularity for its durability and eco-friendliness.

But how can plastic be eco-friendly? Well, it is all in the manufacturing process. You see, poly furniture comes from poly lumber. Manufacturers make poly lumber from High-density polyethylene or HDPE.

It is a lightweight, durable, highly resistant, and most importantly, recyclable type of plastic. HDPE is endlessly recyclable, and manufacturers use it to make detergent bottles, food containers, and other sturdy packaging.

When HDPE undergoes recycling, manufacturers use it to make poly lumber. These are long plastic boards that manufacturers can cut and shape into furniture pieces. Therefore, a lot of the poly furniture you see comes from recycled HDPE.

From Adirondack chairs to tables, stools, couches, and even poolside sets, Manufacturers are creating lovely poly furniture from recycled HDPE.

Recycled plastic furniture is one of the ways end consumers will make outdoor furniture sustainable. It will reduce the demand for more plastic manufacture. And since HDPE is endlessly recyclable, old plastic furniture can receive new life easily.

Recycled plastic furniture also comes with the advantage of durability and resistance. These pieces are immune to the effects of the weather, including moisture, sun damage, and wind. Plastic furniture is also resistant to insect damage.

They also demand little maintenance, which is ideal for current consumers getting back to work. HDPE outdoor furniture comes in multiple colors and themes, serving the demand for uniqueness. It is one of the trends that are here to stay.

Rattan Furniture

Rattan is a type of climbing reed-like palm wood that manufacturers use to make furniture. It is pretty popular in outdoor settings as it mimics the beauty and resiliency of timber. On top of that, it is a sustainable outdoor furniture material.

Rattan comes from the secondary growth vines which grow up tropical trees in the rainforest. The vines can grow up to hundreds of meters long, with a solid stem that is not ‘real wood’ but adequately creates beautiful furniture.

Rattan has multiple qualities that make it a sustainable option for outdoor furniture. It is easier to harvest than wood, for starters, and does not require cutting actual trees. Harvesters cut it without harming the tropical trees.

Secondly, rattan is fast-growing, making it a good option for crafting furniture. The plant grows naturally and quickly without interrupting the structures they use to climb. It takes only 5 to 7 years to grow and mature for cutting and manufacture. And this plant cleans the air by converting carbon dioxide into usable oxygen.

Manufacturing rattan furniture is simple and does not require heavy industrialization. Therefore, the process has minimal impact on the environment. With these qualities, it is easy to understand why you’ll be seeing a lot more rattan chairs, tables, and couches for outdoor settings.

Rattan outdoor furniture comes with several advantages starting with its lightweight properties. It makes it easier to move the furniture pieces for rearranging. Rattan also takes paint well, so it is easy to achieve thematic and unique looks for end consumers’ requests.

Its flexibility makes it ideal for withstanding weight, and it has excellent resistance that can survive most climates. And with endless weaving pattern possibilities, you’ll be seeing many more requests for rattan furniture.

3. Outdoor Day Beds

This is a furniture trend many end consumers are looking forward to seeing. While outdoor day beds are popular in coastal regions, they dramatically entered people’s backyards during the pandemic.

These comfortable and spacious furniture items were the perfect way to kick back and enjoy sky views or catch a nap under the warm sunshine. They are as comfortable as they are stylish and effortlessly create a relaxed set up outside.

We predict this trend coming around during the warmer months, especially in summer. Outdoor day beds are perfect for lazy days in the sun, by the pool, or under the shade of a tree. They can also fit in with patio sets, giving more room for sitting.

Rounded designs seem to be winning, especially for consumers with a lot of backyard space. But cubed-shaped designs are the ideal option to conserve space. As for material, rattan and HDPE take priority for sustainability and durability.

End consumers are pairing the framework with comfortable poofy cushions and pillows. The aim is to create furniture that is ideal for lounging. Since HDPE and Rattan are flexible, the cushioning is a little thinner than what you could find in indoor furniture but sustains enough puffiness to give relaxers a good time.

4. Pastels And Neutrals

While vibrancy and color ruled the past years, 2022 demands less noise, welcoming neutrals, pastels, and Mediterranean-style whitewash. You could say people want their outdoor space to act as a retreat from daily life. And peace calls for calm, relaxing colors.

Pastel tones always appear gentle, friendly, and peaceful. Neo mint is the color to look out for in 2022 outdoor furniture. And the best thing about pastels is that they appear reserved but bring a little vibrancy to the setting without stealing calmness.

Pastels are eye-catching but do not demand your attention. Expect to see pastels in stools, cushioning, and pillows, plus HDPE and rattan furniture pieces.

Whitewash Mediterranean-style furniture is also coming up. This style creates exceptional settings that embody peace and relaxation. The key idea of this look focuses on a monochromatic hue.

Therefore, outdoor chairs, couches, upholstery, and even garden features will spot one color, commonly white. However, some find peace in hues of gray and brown. Either way, it achieves the goal and is the epitome of photogenicity.

5. Front Yard Outdoor Seating

Front yards were for curb appeal in the past, perhaps receiving a compliment or two on your flower arrangements. People rarely see them as unutilized space, but 2022 will change that by making front yards more social.

While they have always existed, more people will consider their front yards the newest addition to their homes. Getting outdoor furniture and seating for front yards is founded on maximizing living space.

Effects of the pandemic limited movement, and everyone had to learn to maximize their space. Some creatives solved this by utilizing front yard outdoor space complete with beautiful furniture.

The pandemic left people with a desire to feel more connected than ever. Social front yards are welcoming and a way to maintain connections. Most people do not have space for a lot of furniture in their front yards, but they are making it work.

Expect to see more bistro-style chairs and tables in cute pairs. Some are also adding tree swings to bring a little more life into the front yard. Rattan and HDPE do not take up much space, but metal frameworks champion front porch seating for its thinness and durability.

6. Backyard Playsets

This is a little something for the kids that made a dramatic comeback during the pandemic. Since parks and recreational centers were closed to avoid increasing cases, parents and guardians created a play space for young kids—a creative way to keep them occupied and safe.

And this is more than the classic swing and slide sets. There are beautiful reading nooks complete with cushioned stools and comfortable swinging seats. Treehouses are now sophisticated lounges with beds and dining sets.

Playhouses have grown, and people are getting tiny decks adorned with throw pillows, blankets, chairs, and stools to mimic classic forts. They also become the ideal palace to hold sleepovers.

Speaking of which, more people are also creating camp-like spaces for bonding with their children, complete with comfortable furniture that lets you sleep under the stars. This trend will be booming in summer, proving that the outdoors is not just for adults.

7. Outdoor Working Spaces

Some people are going back to their physical offices away from home. Others have made the permanent choice to work from home. These creative minds have found interesting ways to cope with working from home by getting outdoor working spaces.

Outdoor working spaces and offices will be popular in 2022. Working from home does not always give you the best conditions to stay productive throughout the day. That is where outdoor working spaces come in.

It incorporates fresh air into the routine, boosting productivity. Outdoor working spaces also allow workers to get more sun exposure which is good for the body in relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Outdoor working spaces can be seen sporting high-quality and durable ergonomic outdoor furniture, starting with standing desks with slots for cables and wires and a waterproof finish. We will also see sitting desks with the same features.

End consumers are getting ergonomic seating for their outside working spaces. But they are cozier with durable waterproof cushioning and adjustable settings.

8. Multifunctional Pieces

This is a little creativity for those who don’t have a lot of space in their outdoor settings. If your patio or yard cannot hold seats with tables and stools, then convertible multifunctional pieces will make all the difference.

The need for minimalistic and practical designs has sent end consumers on the hunt for multifunctional outdoor sets—for example, a bench with a backrest that doubles as a table for holding food and plates.

Others will see foldable chairs and tables for easy storage. Some come as expandable accessories, such as dining sets with extendable pieces. Stools can stack inside and under tables for a minimalist appeal when not in use.

Poly lumber and other flexible materials are making this possible. They are easier to mold and create shapes that can serve multiple purposes. Some even come with storage space for extra cushions.

Get ready to see a variety of creative stackable, foldable, and expandable outdoor seating on patios and restaurants.

9. Multi-Season Furniture

Furniture that will help consumers stay outside for more seasons is also on the rise. More people want to spend time outdoors, and getting the correct type of outdoor furniture will help with that.

Therefore, end consumers will look for durable and weatherproof outdoor furniture that will last through multiple seasons without needing repairs and replacing. They will go for more rigid materials that withstand moisture and sun exposure.

HDPE is sure to impact, standing out as the most durable and resistant material for outdoor furniture. Manufacturers have also begun producing fabrics spun from recycled plastic to better brace for the weather.

Of course, these ideas are not new, but they will gain popularity as their usefulness comes to light since more people want livable outdoor spaces. Consumers will go for accessories such as side tables and footstools to make the space cozier and habitable.

They are also looking into throw blankets, tabletop lamps, and rugs for added comfort.

10. Swivel Chairs

No, swivel chairs are not outdated; they are classic! And this classic item will make a dramatic comeback in 2022. Think of it as a modern take on rocking chairs that could soothe one into relaxation and sleep.

They are a comfort furniture item while effortlessly serving as an excellent outdoor working space chair. Manufacturers can add ergonomic features to make them more ideal for working professionals. Or consumers can keep it classy and comfortable.

The swivel chairs are in demand as summer approaches for hosting parties and hanging out with loved ones, allowing consumers to focus and shift attention without being uncomfortable.

The swivel chairs are rattan, HDPE, and wood. They all come with a metal framework made from stainless steel or other rust-resistant metal. They have thick cushions and are wider to make them cozier and ‘social.’ You can already picture a couple sharing this chair during a gathering. Swivel chairs will retain the official color code of 2022 outdoor furniture, neutrals.

11. Organization Sets

With the creation of livable outdoor spaces comes the need to maintain organization and keep things neat when they are not in use. Also, as more stuff comes outside of the house, consumers need durable and waterproof storage.

Thus the outdoor organization sets feature waterproof cupboards, desks, and furniture with storage space. We will see many more outdoor tables with hidden storage space underneath to keep magazines, electronics, and even snacks.

Outdoor kitchens have built-in shelves, and those that don’t have impressive waterproof cupboards for keeping utensils, cutlery, and ingredients. Some couches and chairs even have built-in storage space to store cushions, blankets, and rugs.

This trend shows that just because we outside do not mean we will be messy– organizations can be creative and built for the outdoors. So be sure to look into waterproof outdoor storage sets that thematically blend.

The more lightweight, the better, since consumers prefer portable sets. HDPE and rattan organization sets are sure to make an impact.

12. Outdoor Egg Chair

And finally, more people are going to be getting the outdoor egg chair. They are a fun and modern way to increase comfort and sophistication in outdoor spaces, and they look best on patios and backyards, often sporting lovely and cozy pillows.

They can create beautiful outdoor conversation areas paired with intricate side tables or nesting stools. They are also suitable for reading nooks on their own. Many outdoor egg chairs have a sturdy stainless steel base with a rattan body. It is an ideal comfort piece perfect for relaxing through 2022.

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