Hdpe patio furniture

What is HDPE Patio Furniture?

What Is HDPE Patio Furniture?

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Patio or garden furniture is a type of furniture for use outside. Because the furniture has a lot of outdoor exposure, manufacturers have to make them from resistant materials such as High-density polyethylene (HDPE). Therefore, HDPE patio furniture is outdoor or garden furniture that manufacturers make from HDPE.

Most manufacturers use recycled HDPE to make patio furniture. HDPE is a type of plastic that is non-biodegradable and can take centuries to decompose. Many recycling plants recycle this plastic and then send it to manufacturers to make other products.

Furniture is one of the popular applications. We make beautiful and durable HDPE patio furniture for all uses.

You can become a successful retailer of HDPE furniture by partnering with us. We will supply high-quality HDPE patio furniture, which you can distribute to end consumers. Our prices are affordable, and you can rest assured that you will only get the best products.

Is HDPE Good For Outdoor Furniture?

HDPE plastic is a strong, non-toxic plastic you will find in various applications such as packaging containers, automotive parts, water drainage pipes, food storage containers, and chemical and detergent containers.

This low-maintenance plastic promises long-lasting use and is safe. On top of that, it has multiple characteristics that make it ideal for recycling into plastic lumber for outdoor furniture. Some of the best qualities of HDPE include:


  • Chemicals. This material is resistant to the effects of most solvents and chemicals. That is why manufacturers prefer it for storing liquids and products with varying pH levels. While it is not resistant to all chemicals, it proves effective against most.
  • Corrosion. HDPE is not a metal and is therefore resistant to the effects of oxidation. Most metals succumb to rust after contact with moisture and oxygen with high amounts of salt. But HDPE is a durable corrosion-resistant material. For this reason, manufacturers use it to produce lasting underground piping.
  • Water. Other materials absorb and retain moisture, and this causes water damage. Water damage manifests as staining, cracking, warping, and swelling in other materials. However, HDPE is immune to water damage since the material repels water molecules. It is why HDPE is an excellent outdoor furniture material.
  • Insects. Materials such as wood are susceptible to insect and pest damage. For example, termites bore habitats and pathways through the wood. In addition, they use wood as a source of nutrients which weakens its structure and makes it prone to breaking. HDPE is resistant to pest and insect damage.
  • Heat. Manufacturers produce HDPE by packing molecules closer together compared to LDPE. This process gives the material better heat resilience, with a working temperature of 212 degrees F – 220 degrees F. HDPE is therefore ideal for heat applications such as sun exposure.
  • UV. HDPE has multiple UV-resistant formulations. Manufacturers make HDPE with a UV stabilizer mixed with resin. This makes it ideal for outdoor applications such as furniture and recreational gear such as playground equipment.

Easy Moldability

This is another essential feature of HDPE that makes it ideal for multiple applications across various industries. The material is rigid with a melting point of up to 270 degrees Celsius.

However, at the melting point, manufacturers can mold it into various shapes and products that are strong, sustainable, and long-lasting.

This makes it ideal for producing poly lumber or plastic lumber for furniture manufacture. Manufacturers use HDPE to create containers, piping, tanks, and multiple consumer goods.


HDPE is considered a low-hazard plastic because it has a low risk of leaching. In addition, the structure of HDPE is ideal for warding off bacterial growth. Many manufacturers use HDPE to make suitable food and beverage containers for these reasons. The plastic will not leach into the content, and it works against bacterial contamination.

Low Maintenance

Because of the high resistance and structure of HDPE, the materials require little to no maintenance. This is the ideal characteristic of outdoor furniture.

In fact, owning HDPE outdoor furniture only demands simple cleaning and disinfecting procedures to keep them looking their best.

Unlike other furniture materials, HDPE does not require staining, vanishing, or powder coating to make it long-lasting. Systematic cleaning is enough to keep HDPE looking new and well-maintained.

Endlessly Recyclable

HDPE is recyclable plastic, and this makes it ideal for outdoor furniture and other products. Manufacturers are constantly producing more plastic to meet consumer demands. This plastic does not degrade, and it demands more landfill space after disposal.

Some of it also ends up in the ocean affecting marine life. Additionally, plastic manufacturing has adverse effects on the environment. As carbon footprints rise, more industries are seeking to protect the environment by reducing the need for new plastic manufacturing.

Many outdoor furniture manufacturers, therefore, use recycled HDPE to make furniture. Over time, the lumber can undergo recycling to produce new furniture and other products. Recycling HDPE greatly reduces the need for new HDPE manufacturing, easing the impact on the environment.


HDPE has an impressive strength to dentistry ratio of 0.93 to 0.97g. While this does not seem impressive compared to LDPE, the molecular structure of HDPE makes all the difference.

Under a microscope, HDPE has a linear structure characterized by little branching. This gives it a stronger molecular structure, translating to high tensile strength.

It is why HDPE containers can hold a lot of weight without bending. Thus HDPE is ideal for making furniture that holds the weight of different persons.

In addition, it does not submit to force and external pressure. Tipping, falling, and even some levels of impact do nothing to HDPE furniture.


And finally, HDPE is an easy plastic to manufacture and customize. Manufacturers easily create strong products from HDPE, lowering overall production costs.

This makes it a good alternative for outdoor furniture compared to other materials. Additionally, because the material does not require special maintenance, it translates to a low cost of ownership, further securing its place as an affordable outdoor furniture material.

HDPE Patio Furniture Applications

If you are worried about getting a good market for HDPE patio furniture, you’ll be surprised that many businesses and establishments could benefit from high-quality HDPE. Keep reading to meet your market.


A lot of resorts and relaxation facilities have outdoor garden spaces. They could be for lounging or waiting. They need attractive, high-quality furniture to complement visuals while giving visitors places to relax. Our HDPE patio furniture can blend well into any spa outdoor and garden setting. We customize to meet various requirements, providing creative and unique furniture.

Cafes and bistros

Many restaurants, clubs, lounges, and bistros have outdoor seating. This space is often reserved for creating an inviting ambiance, acting as a form of advertising. That being said, these spaces require high-quality and attractive HDPE patio furniture. We manufacture beautiful and comfortable bistro and cafe furniture from durable HDPE. We customize it to match themes.

Swimming areas

Swimming areas need comfortable and moisture-resistant furniture for sunbathing and lounging. Wood and metal do not prove worthy because they easily succumb to moisture damage. Plus, lying on hot metal is dangerous. HDPE proves itself worthy as an ideal material for swimming pool furniture. We manufacture different types of pool furniture that resist water damage.

Lodges and hotels

A lot of motels and hotels have patios and outdoor seating. They require furniture that lasts long and remains resilient against harsh weather conditions. HDPE patio furniture is a worthy investment for such facilities. It is tough, resistant, and can be customized to match the themes and colors of the hotel or lodge.

Camping sites

Campsites that have permanent furniture for campers would benefit from HDPE. Since the furniture will be outside, it will have to brace effects of the weather, plus animal interactions. Luckily, our HDPE patio furniture is the right option. It is durable, resistant, and can withstand a lot of weight without bending or cracking.

Parks and schools

And finally, public parks need benches and other forms of furniture to give users enough room for relaxation. The same goes with school grounds. HDPE is the long-lasting option for this type of outdoor furniture. It can go years without fading, breaking, or warping. Plus, it comes in multiple colors to match themes.

Does HDPE Patio Furniture Last Outside?

Yes, it does! As we have covered, HDPE is a highly durable and robust material that gives end consumers long-lasting use.

20-year guarantee

Buying any type of furniture is an investment. Every expert will tell you to set a flexible and generous budget for furniture. This is because it is an investment, even outdoor furniture. And your investment should last you years.

One of the major concerns with outdoor furniture is how long it will last. End consumers want products that will give them their money’s worth. Anything that does not get past the 1-year mark is definitely out.

There aren’t many materials that will give you the long-lasting guarantee of HDPE. Experts consider it the longest-lasting furniture material. Some manufacturers even give you a guarantee of 20 years or more.

Resistance to weather

Alternative outdoor furniture materials like wood and metal often have end consumers concerned about how they brace for the weather.

Wood is absorbent and will retain moisture, unevenly dry, leading to warping and cracking. This ruins its structural integrity, demanding replacements soon after. On the other hand, metal retains heat, making it unsafe for sun exposure.

It also reacts with moisture forming rust which weakens the frames. HDPE is resistant to the effects of the weather, defending against rust, water damage, and even sun exposure. It retains its luster for a long time and remains structurally strong.

Low maintenance

And finally, maintenance is one issue that makes end consumers choose HDPE over other furniture materials. Let’s face it, many end consumers can easily skip or forget to clean and maintain their outdoor furniture.

Wood demands constant maintenance, so neglect makes it age and damage quickly. While metal does not demand as much, you need to inspect for rust and get on top of it. HDPE is the ideal sweet spot, requiring very little care. Basic cleaning gets the job done, keeping the furniture looking good and lasting years.

How To Maintain HDPE Patio Furniture

What is HDPE Patio Furniture

So before your consumers can take the furniture off your hands, you should stay on top of maintenance to keep the furniture looking good. Here are three main tips:

Clean the surfaces

Ensure that you clean and disinfect the furniture to keep the surfaces looking attractive. Wipe with a solution of soap and water, using a clean cloth. If you notice any dirt caked onto the surfaces, you should use the same solution with a soft bristle brush. This is often necessary during wet seasons, around the legs.

Avoid harsh detergents and cleaners

HDPE furniture does not need harsh cleaning routines and detergents. In fact, these detergents can damage the surfaces or discolor them.

Therefore, stick to mild soap and warm water. Avoid bleach and disinfectants because the ingredients could discolor or stain the surfaces. Additionally, keep the furniture away from chemicals at the risk of spilling.

Protect against abrasives

And finally, ensure that you protect the furniture from abrasives. HDPE is resistant, but scratches can occur unexpectedly if you are not careful.

Keep sharp objects and corners away to prevent scratching. Do not use steel wool, sandpaper, or stiff bristles to clean the surfaces as they could leave scratches. Be wary of any nails, thorns, and other sharp objects in your store, and display spaces.

Our HDPE Patio Furniture

We are your trusted source for high-quality HDPE patio furniture. Our years of experience taught us the best practices and methods for producing long-lasting plastic patio furniture. We have perfected the art and affordably supply to multiple retailers globally.

Get in touch with us today to form a partnership that will transform your business. Get ready to be a leading retailer of high-quality HDPE furniture!

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