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When end consumers consider buying patio & outdoor furniture, the furniture’s material will likely come up as a consideration. After all, end consumers look for value and longevity for their outdoor furniture. Nobody wants to replace their furniture too soon.

Luckily, manufacturers use many materials to make outdoor furniture, from metals to plastic and classic wood. However, end consumers need to pick a suitable material based on many factors.

Outdoor furniture must endure sun exposure, rain, and other environmental factors. Therefore, picking the right materials is very important. One way to secure a good investment is by selecting a trustworthy manufacturer to supply you with high-quality outdoor furniture.

HDPE Lumber

Our lumber is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), a durable, recyclable, environmentally friendly plastic widely used to make milk jugs, laundry detergent containers, bottle caps, etc. We currently recycle a large number ocean-bound and landfill-bound plastic containers per day and transform them into genuine HDPE lumber. HDPE, by nature, is an extremely durable plastic that is weather-resistant and easy to clean — perfect for outdoor furniture. In addition to HDPE, Our lumber includes UV-inhibited pigment systems to help maintain our lumber colors throughout the material, not just on the surface.


- Modern Finish

Our modern finish is the most popular type used in HDPE furniture, which is inspired by Minimalism, simple but elegant, perfect for modern outdoor furniture.


- Classic Finish

Our classic finish features a timeless, smooth texture with a satin-painted wood appearance.

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