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We offer a wide selection of predesigned outdoor poly side tables in different sizes and colors. If you can’t find the style you’re looking for, our design team can work with you to produce exactly what you need.

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Curved Adirondack Side Tables

Looking for a stylish outdoor side table to match your stock of Adirondack chairs? Our curved poly side tables are a perfect choice! This sleek and stylish model serves as the perfect place for your customers to place drinks, food, and anything else they feel like. It’s an extremely versatile piece of furniture that can be used both inside and outside.

We offer two standard models of curved Adirondack side tables: one with a solid poly lumber base and another without. If you’re not sure which one to choose, we can send you a product sample before you place a larger order.

Square Adirondack Side Tables

If you’re looking for a stylish but traditional side table to complement your selection of Adirondack chairs or poly sofas, look no further than our square poly side tables. This classically designed piece is the perfect place for placing drinks or food. Even more, it can function just as well as an indoor furniture piece when needed.

We only offer one standard model in this style, but we’re happy to work with you on creating a custom design if needed.

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Explore All of Our Poly Side Table Options

When you download our catalog, you’ll be able to find detailed information on the sizes and specifications of each of our poly side tables. If you don’t see the type of side table you are looking for in our catalog, our design team will be happy to help you create the style you need.

More Poly Side Table Options to Offer Your Customers

All of our Poly Outdoor Side Tables are Customizable

Getting access to a vast selection of customizable poly furniture is one of the main benefits of using Poly Furniture Supply as your wholesale supplier. When you order from us, we can build your outdoor side tables in the exact style and color that you want.

Even better, we have an in-house design team that can help you produce new and distinct styles of poly side tables that aren’t in our standard catalog. All you have to do is send us an inquiry and we can give you a quote for your order.


Still not sure if selling poly side tables are the right choice for your business? Here are a few reasons why our side tables are the perfect fit for you and your customers.

They Are Built to Last

If you're looking for environmentally responsible and high-quality outdoor furniture, then our poly Adirondack high-top tables and chairs are just what you need. Made from durable HDPE, which is made from 100% recycled materials like milk jugs, cutting boards, and bleach bottles, these sturdy outdoor furniture pieces are both stylish and eco-friendly.

They Are Better For The Environment

Our chairs are made of HDPE, which comes from 100% recycled plastic materials. This means your customers will be able to purchase full sets of Adirondack chairs without worrying about having a negative impact on the environment.

They Are More Convenient

Your customers want to be able to enjoy their outdoor furniture without having to stress about keeping it clean. Unlike wooden outdoor furniture, which can be easily stained and is often difficult to properly clean, poly outdoor furniture makes cleaning easy for your customers. All they need is a little soap and water, and their furniture will look good as new. The durability of poly furniture also means it can withstand being cleaned with a power washer.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know how challenging it can be to find a reliable supplier of poly side table. To make sure you have enough information to make the right decision, here are some of the most common questions our customers ask

In order to ensure the highest quality product, have a very strict process for producing our poly side tables. Here’s a quick overview of the process:

1. Our first step is to melt down the right quantity of HDPE pellets that will be used to create the poly lumber plates.
2. Once the HDPE is melted down, we then force the molten plastic through a die to create a long piece of poly lumber.
3. Once the poly lumber is cooled, we then cut it down to smaller plates.
4. The poly lumber plates are then polished to ensure a high-quality appearance.
5. We then cut the polished plates into the correct shapes and sizes for each chair and drill the necessary holes for hardware.
6. Once all the lumber plates are created, we package them up along with the necessary hardware for assembly.

Yes, all of our poly side tables come with detailed and easy-to-follow assembly instructions inside each individual box.

Yes, we are confident in the quality of our products. That’s why all of your poly furniture is covered by a two-year warranty.

When you order any model of our poly side tables, you can choose from 17 different standard colors:

Turquoise, Pacific Blue, Navy Blue, Dark Green, Red, Lime, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, White, Weather Wood, Brown, Gray, Black, Carmine, and Khaki.

If you need your side tables in a color that isn’t in our standard catalog, we can also provide other color options at your request.

One of the benefits of buying poly side tables from us is our low MOQ requirements compared to other manufacturers.

For non-custom side table, our MOQ is 200/SKU.

For custom designs and colors, our MOQ is 300/SKU.

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